Information covering the Nioh Beta will be found here. The Nioh beta is available from August 23rd until September 6th. You must be signed into the PSN to access it.


Nioh Beta


Team Ninja has released a full list of all the things they will change in the final game from the Alpha.



  • Add tutorials regarding the game system.

  • Adjust balance mainly in the opening sections to make battles fairer.

  • Improve controls and camera system.

  • Improve the understandability and usability of the UI.

  • Improve graphic performance

■ Tutorials

  • Implement a training stage for tutorials on basic controls and core game actions.

■ Action & Controls

  • Improve player & camera behavior during lock-on.

  • Change the conditions under which the player character becomes unresponsive when the Ki Gauge is empty.

  • Expand item shortcut slots.

  • Revise the objects which require holding a button and the response to the hold input.

  • Improve detection for the half-circle analog stick input.

■ Enemies

  • Adjust attack and defense parameters of enemies.

  • Revise enemy pursuit of the player.

  • Revise superarmor (stagger/no stagger) for each enemy and attack.

  • Adjust Revenant AI.

■ Level Design/Stages

  • Improve exploration elements such as shortcuts, etc.

  • Add hints to guide players to boss areas.

  • Revise the display of objects that block the view of the player character.

  • Adjust fire area damage.

■ UI

  • Improve layout and displayed information.

  • Adjust text size.

  • When making an offering at a shrine, allow the player to perform all actions at once.

■ Online

  • Improve online synchronization.

  • Allow the host to use the Shrine menu during co-op play with a Visitor.

  • Adjust the rate at which enemy parameters increase during co-op play.

■ Other

  • Remove durability stat for weapons and armor.

  • Adjust the drop rate for equipment.

  • Add a new control type.

  • Implement a flow to allow players to exit a mission.

  • Fix other bugs.


It also states that its safe to delete the Alpha, we will still get the Mark of Conqueror DLC for free.



New Features in the Nioh Beta

  • Debut of the Familiarity mechanic which replaces durability.
  • Added a new Guardian Spirit, "Fuse-Ushi", which takes the form of a bull. Fuse-Ushi is usable after completing the Nakatsu stage.
  • Guardian Spirit "Raiken" is accessed by completing the sub-mission "Invitation from the Unmatched Warrior of the West"
  • Addition of "Nightmare" stages, which are accessible after completing the stage normally. When the game decides that "twilight has fallen" on a certain mission, you will have access to a significantly more difficult variant of the stage. For example, the Nakatsu stage has the humans all replaced by Skeleton Warriors, and more Yokai are present throughout the stage
  • Access to the Blacksmith has been unlocked in the Beta, allowing players to upgrade weapons and armor, and change the special effects that your weapons and armor have. Dojo access is also unlocked, and completion of the Dojo will reward you with the Wooden Sword
  • Chest mimics, which surprise William upon opening. They then transform into a duplicate of William, and will fight you using your current setup. [Also unsure if it goes for all mimics, but the one in Usuki, if you gesture at it and wait a bit, it does the Frustration gesture, and when you kill it you're rewarded with that gesture. I dunno if that works for the others in Nakatsu, or just the Usuki one. (Nightmare mode only)]

Nioh Beta Press Release


Following the overwhelming success of the Alpha Demo in April—as well as the community's generous feedback—the Nioh Beta Demo will incorporate a number of gameplay changes made with fans in mind, which will be immediately noticeable upon their return to the village of Usuki. This first stage of the demo will offer new challenges and the opportunity to once again fight for the mysterious Mark of the Conqueror DLC. Warriors who conquered Usuki and procured the DLC during the Alpha Demo won't be left wanting, however, as they will receive a set of weapons and more starting money. These champions will also have the opportunity to play through the new Nakatsu stage without having to clear Usuki again. 

The new Nakatsu stage leads protagonist William along a treacherous mountain path to a deep cave, where he must prevail against human and supernatural enemies alike—including the seductive Hinoenma, a dangerous Yokai under the guise of a beautiful woman. Defeating the Nakatsu stage will award players with the Mark of the Strong DLC, which will be available when the game launches. 

The experience gained from the trials of Usuki and Nakatsu should equip the most skilled players for an even more challenging undertaking: the Twilight mission. In this arduous mission, players can re-visit Usuki or Nakatsu, battle against stronger enemies and new fearsome creatures, and earn highly-valued items. 

The Beta Demo will also feature a selection of new weapons, including the long-range hand cannon rifle and a fresh selection of Katanas (including dual-wielded Katanas), Spears, Axes and Hammers which will provide new options to suit any gameplay style. In addition, players will get a taste of Onmyo Magic and Ninjutsu elements of combat, which add bonuses to William's attack and can invoke special techniques to provide various effects. 

Lastly, to better prepare players for the trials that await, a Training Dojo has been added to the demo. This tutorial stage has been implemented to teach newcomers how to fight with a katana, the most basic yet refined of weapon choices, and how to navigate through the game. The Training Dojo will be available from the beginning of the demo.

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