General Info
HP Amrita First Encounter
?? ?? The Spirit Stone Slumbers
Weak Resistant Immune
Water Lightning

Nue is a Boss in Nioh. This is the fourth Boss that players will encounter. The player will have to face this yokai in order to proceed with the game.


Possesses a monkey's face, a tiger's torso, and snake for a tail, Nue is a fearsome creature of lightning. In addition to mauling prey with its claws, its roar can summon bolts of lightning, almost as if Nue itself were an embodiment of thunderstorms.


Pronounced New-ay. A yokai chimaera.  Its fanged mouth terrorizes its prey with an eerie cry. Nue is wreathed in dark smoke, making it diffcult to discern its overall appearance. Its ability to summon thunder has earned it the alternate name of Raiju, the thunder-beast.

Possesses a monky's face, a tiger's torso, and snake for a tail. Its mane is quilled and sharp enough to cut any who approach, In addition to fierce claw and fang attacks, it can hurl itself bodily with enough force to smash a stone wall. There are many legends of Nue appearing in Japan, unleashing lightning and causing all sorts of disasters.

One legend holds that a fearsome cry heralded the appearance of a Nue over the royal palace in Kyoto every night, draining the young emperor of vitality. No medicine could cure him, but after the samurai Minamoto Yorimasa was felled the Nue with an arrow, the emperor recovered at once. Yorimasa was bestowed with a beautiful sword called Shishi-Oh, King of lions, as a reward.



Possible Drops


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Stay near its middle body, blocking, wait for him to do area attacks
  • Dodge deadly Lightning summons, he does 4 in a row at times. Use lightning resistance amulets or effects.
  • Weak to water, use water talismans and salt for purification
  • Lungs light up when using lightning attacks.  Attacking them while lit drains all stamina and stuns Nue for a brief period.
  • Runs out of stamina and becomes available for critical hits
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

An effective method against Nue is to use a spear and/or low stance. Wait for it to initiate its lightning or poison attacks and then quickly dodge to the left of its head. Then attack with some quick combos. While breathing lightning Nue can not defend itself and is open for more attacks. Eventually as you damage Nue, its ki will drain leaving it briefly vulnerable for you to dish out some pain. You may consider conserving your Guardian Spirit for this exact moment to finish the job.



Get behind his front right leg - this is a massive weak spot for him as his claw attacks cannot hit you, and he frequently uses the claw attack and lightning breath when you are in this placement. You will have to run away from his lightning summons and block his tail swipe, but then you can immediately run back behind his front right leg. You should be between his two right legs and you will be able to almost constantly spam attacks.


Look around the area, there is a pegoda-like structure with sidings that can be destroyed but not the roof.  Hide under the roof and you can avoid Nue's lightning strikes, and the columns will prevent Nue from entering into the structure.  Use a long reach weapon/stance and attack repeated, remember to back dodge when Nue spews poison mist.

Strategy 2 (Magic)

Main Mission: A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.

Sub Mission: The strategy for this mob is the same as in the main mission.

Strategy 3 (Kusurigama)

Use high stance only. There are two trees in the boss room, one either side of Nue, and you need to keep one between you and him at all times. When Nue does his lightning breath attack, run to his left side around the tree and hit him with the ball toss of the kusurigama then retreat. Repeat this process only when he does lighting breath or he leaps at you and falls on his side. It can also be done when he rolls but it is more risky. Only leave the tree to dodge his lightning strikes by rolling or running fast in one direction then move again to the trees. Do not try hit Nue more than once with a ball toss of the kusurigama, he will do a swipe attack that does a lot of damage or he will do a tail spin. 

Nue Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Nue has two attack phases. In the first phase, ??. In the second Phase, ??

Lightning Strikes After shaking its body, Nue rears back and then a series of four successive lighting strikes hit the ground. The strikes follow the player, so keep moving to avoid them. Each strike leave behind a yokai realm. Players may also simply stand near the arena's entrance, as the overhead structure will stop the lightning from hitting William.
Sweeping Lightning Beam Nue's mouth and eyes glow yellow before it spits out a beam of electricty and sweeps it across the battlefield. Circling around and attacking it's glowing stomach will immediately stagger the beast.
Spin Nue spins it's body around in a 360-degree circle, damaging anyone nearby. Typically triggered when William is immediately behind or to the side of the creature
Tail Whip A quick succession of two tail whips. Fast start-up but short range
Poison Cloud A stream of poison is spewed from Nue's tail, damaging anyone in front of it
Claw Swipe Two claw swipes. Each swipe can be dodged with proper timing.
Roll Rears up on its hind legs, then somersaults forwards, leaving a trail of lightning strikes behind it.
Pounce Nue jumps forward at the player. Moderate range. After attacking, Nue will fall over, exposing its stomach
Recovery After being at zero ki for a while, Nue roars to replenish its ki and summons two lightning strikes; one at its location and one right in front of it. The one that strikes in front of it can deal massive damage and kill players even at full health.


Yokai Lore & History

鵺: Nue - "Night Bird" (Unknown bird, strange bird). These Yokai of Japanese Folklore have the head of a monkey, the body of a Japanese Racoon (tanuki), the tail of a snake, and the limbs of a tiger. They, however, produce a sound such as a bird.

To understand more about the period of history please see our Lore page.

Legend says that around 1153, Emperor Konoe fell ill in Kyoto, thrashing in nightmares. As lightning struck the Imperial Residence, the Emperor summoned the samurai Minamoto no Yorimasa, who then used his archery skills to struck down a flying beast from the sky said to be a Nue. The emperor returned to health immediately, but the citizens of Kyoto feared the beast's curse and sent its corpse down the river. The burial boat arrived at Hyogo Prefecture, and the villagers there gave a proper funeral and burial to the beast. People travelling to Nuezuka in Matsuhama Park in Hyogo may visit the alledged burial mound to this very day.


Notes & Trivia

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  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss




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    • Anonymous

      I just went in with Living Weapon Odachi, and hung around behind his front paws while whaling on him. That was my first try, so not sure what exactly was hitting me. I did try to dodge what looked like attacks, but it really didn't move from it's original position.

      • Anonymous

        my strat, this took three tries:
        without locking on, initiate the fight, he first tosses on lighting strike to himself and another to your position in the begining of the fight, just walk away from where you are standing. Get close to him and start attacking. If he shakes his body he will do the 4 lighting strikes, again simply walk away and don't stop moving, no ned to dodge or run with x, simply walk to avoid being hit. When avoiding his lighting strikes i get closer to his right side and start attacking, if he looks like he's about to spin simply block, his most damaging attacks are the lighting strikes which can be easily avoided.

        This boss fight remind me a lot to ava the kings pet from dark souls II, by moving around this beast and closing in on him to punish you can beat him in a few minutes

        • Anonymous

          After depleting his stamina by making him hit the bell on the left his recovery is much quick, you will only land two hits before it recovers so i don't recommend it

          • Anonymous

            You can avoid his 4 lighting strikes simply by walking in any direction, no meed to dodge or use x button.

            you can also deplete his stamina by making him hit the bell on the right side of the arena with his lighting, but only once.

            • Anonymous

              I just ran in with enma's guardian to drop him to half hp immediately and just run around getting chip damage whenever possible without daring to get greedy. Very uneventful strat but it worked.

              • Anonymous

                Nue literally proves how badly bosses are designed in this game. I won on 4 try but how and why? I cheesed this boss and baited it's spin attack and it took 14 mins to take this s*** head down. I am not proud about this not a bit. what's the point in fighting this way if this ends up being the only way?

                • Anonymous

                  When I tell you I hid underneath the buildings I hid under them to avoid them strikes it was a cheap ass win but it worked.

                  • Anonymous

                    After somewhat 20 Attempts i finally got him. Alone. It's a tough fight, one-shots everywhere on my build, but with a little Trick, a Sword and a Roof it worked. I did this basically: Initiate the Fight by running to the middle. Nue will be summoned. As soon as you see his HP Bar, run back from where you came, have the door on your back. Nue will almost always roar to the sky, i call it the 2x Lightning Recovery Attack. Be prepared with your bow/ranged Weapon and shoot his chest. Instant 0-KI Now Nue doesn't have his Lightning any more, he will waddle towards you. Stay calm and wait, shortly before he starts to attack, circle around to his left and hit him (I did it with a sword, medium stance 3x is the max-number you can get into him.) After that, back off quickly, as he will most likely use his 2x Lightning Recovery Move (which killed me with the 2nd lightning) Stay under that roof though as much as you can. The 4x Lightning Attack is blocked by the roof, not creating any Yokai-Puddles. And what's even more important, when Nue is under the roof and does this attack, you can easily attack his exposed chest, doing a critical attack with 0 risk of getting hit by the Lightning After the crit, Nue is facing you. circle his left again as he will most likely go for a double-swipe. Hit his side 3 times and back off again. Rinse and Repeat. There are some special situations and tipps though: 1. Clean up the Yokai Puddles as much as you can. Not because you don't want Nue to regen his KI, but to keep your own KI flowing. Especially the part under and possibly around the roof, that's your turf, keep it clean. 2. CRUCIAL: The Roof blocks the 4x Lighning attack, but not the roll-lightning or his recovery attack, keep that in Mind 3. When Nue goes for his Lightning-breath, always circle around his left side. You have enough time to get out of harms way AND input some slashes into that monster 4. With this Strategy, i basically never triggered his grappling-bite. And the fight went on for quite some time

                    • Anonymous

                      So the guide doesn't explain the fight very well. Basically, the trick is to get Nue down to zero Ki. If you attack Nue during this time, it interrupts whatever Nue is doing and forces him to face you. HOWEVER, after a few seconds of this Nue will perform a recovery attack that will probably one shot you. So you want to find an opening, hit Nue's lungs while it's doing a charged attack to drop its Ki to zero, then whale on it with your full Ki bar before performing a recovery and getting back to range. Also, if you have the water imbue magic he's crazy weak to it. You can shred him with that.

                      • Anonymous

                        I have tested amrita and gold drop by fighting without any equipment that will increase amrita or gold earned from the boss. amrita earned : 3900 Gold earned : 253 This is just a guessing, may be the amrita and gold earned increase or decrease depends on how many times you encounter the boss

                        • Anonymous

                          Single hit and run is good vs him. When he tires, he will stagger on hit and that's when you hit him with living weapon.( you can also call it when he is nearly tired, then you drain his ki with a spam) When he rolls, he will Also call thunder, so only approach him after it's clear . Try to be at his side, near his back. But not directly behind him or his tail will tag you. Don't stay near him too long or he will use a spin move. Try to dash away when he calls thunder because he may call several and the bolts will chase you. His claws will miss you if you stick to his side, and be near his rear legs. You can punish him a lot if he misses and you are in a good spot.

                          • Anonymous

                            This was the easiest boss for me because living weapon. It staggered in almost every combo with my spear plus earth bull. I kept getting it, ( it won't dodge or block plus it's the one getting staggered)so my meter kept regenerating. Ended the fight with my meter still full. I started living weapon when it had like 70 percent life.

                            • Anonymous

                              You can actually run to the bell when he lighning strikes you. He will get staggered and KI depleted since he got circet wired

                              • Anonymous

                                No idea what's wrong with this boss particularly or with the game, but if he runs out of stamina he becomes even more deadlier just one-shotting with some random lightning in melee. Only killed him after realized this. If his stamina is 0 just fucking run away from him until he recovers it.

                                • Anonymous

                                  its weird but this is the boss giving me the most trouble so far. The fight is very long, I don't deal a lot of damage, and after a while i alway get hit byt a lightining and die instantly...
                                  Im kind of scared of what awaits next ... if I ever get passed this retarded electric monkey

                                  • Anonymous

                                    it is really easy boss, just stay in front of the boss and allow him to electicity from his mouth, dodge the attack and hit him. it will make his ki drained. Do it 3 times and he is gone

                                    • Anonymous

                                      you can actually cheese this boss with the small hut on the right side of the room after letting it break the 4 walls, stand on the opposite side of the hut since he cant enter it. He will rinse and repeat only 3 moves which are easy to dodge with low stance. Poison breathe, laser beam and lightning strike which is an easy opening since you can just enter the hut and smack him good.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        If you still have problems against this boss, i can share that when your in front of him he will charge a lighting beam attack, dodge to the left allways and you get some easy hits in!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Whenever Nue uses a lightning attack, his belly will glow. If you attack his belly when it's glowing, he will be instantly staggered. I think the lightning beam from his face attack is probably the easiest to do this as it's slow and very predictable, but whatever works.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            there is a small hut in the area....lure him around and when his 4 lightnings come just step inside,they wont hit ya and attack his yellow breats with spear or kusa...and his stamina falls rapidly :D

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Nue is ONLY hard because of the environment. Yes, the Nue in The Demon of Mount Hiel is much easier because you're not constantly being blocked by rails.

                                              • From what I can remember about nue he is best engaged after he does his lunging attack that he falls on his side. Strafe around to his face and hit him 2-3 times and he will be fully out of stamina. At this point you can rag doll the boss around for a good 2-3 combo's before he gets struck by lightning again and recharges his stamina fully. Fighting him before this point is very deadly.

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