ochoko nioh
Type Usable Item
Glory Need 200

Ochoko is a Key Items in Nioh. It is necessary to summon visitors into your world for online play.


Ochoko Information

"A small ceramic cup for drinking sake. Using it to make an offering at a shrine will summon a visitor. When the visitor arrives, it will take the cup."



  • Use at the shrine to summon other players into your game.
  • Once used, the ochoko remains active summoning until a player is brought into your game
  • If you die while the ochoko is being offered, the offering stops but it is not used up.
  •  Can also be used to raise divine item drop rate in way of strong and higher.


Location/Where to Find

  • Dropped by Revenants. Summoning one at a higher level than you seems to improve their drop rate.
  • Random loot
  • Rewards for several of the game's Sub Missions


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    • Anonymous

      once you find a summon you can double-team all the other players bloodstains for more. also, completing a mission as a visitor can yield several more

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