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Otani is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The ancestral home of the Otani clan was in the Southern Omi province (present-day Shiga prefecture), but they also ruled Echizen (Fukui) and Tsuruga. The most famous head of the clan was Otani Yoshitsugu.

After being granted dominion over Nagahama in Omi by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Yoshitsugu entered Hideyoshi's service as a minor official. His successes in battle at Chugoku and Shizugatake saw him recognised as a daimyo and rewarded with an administrative position. He often had occasion to travel with Ishida across the lands they controlled and the two were said to be fast friends, each willing to die for the other.

The family crest is "Mukai-cho", two butterflies facing each other. As a symbol of transformation and rebirth, butterflies were no doubt attractive to Yoshitsugu, whose health was poor in his later years.


Crest Protection

  • Ally Amrita Gauge Bonus (Used Living Weapon): +20%
  • Received Elemental Attack Damage: 15%


Special Reward

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