Item Use Description Location
explosive rounds niohExplosive Rounds Use to fire with hand cannon Special rounds that explode on impact, bursting into fire to damage a wide area.  
Hand Cannon AmmunitionHand Cannon Ammunition Use to fire with hand cannon  Normal rounds for a hand cannon. Ten times heavier and far more destructive than rifle rounds. Only experienced shooters can handle their high recoil.  
Hamaya ArrowHamaya Arrow Use to fire with bow A special arrow with the power to exorcise evil. Very effective against Yokai, and can even dispel entrances to the Yokai Realm  
ArrowArrow Use to fire with bow A bamboo shaft tipped with an iron point. Three feather fletchings add spin to the arrow in flight,
making it even more accurate - and deadly.
 roaring gun ammunitionRoaring-Gun Ammunition Use to fire with rifle Special bullets propelled by a large amount of gunpowder. Highly destructive, with a great deal of penetrating power  
Rifle AmmunitionRifle Ammunition Use to fire with rifle  Standard rifle rounds. Lead balls propelled by black gunpowder.  


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