Build Name
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
100+- 30+ ?? 30+ ??
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
?? ?? 10+ 11+ -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Raging Bull (Pure Tank)
  • Build Level: 100
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Stamina 56 for 70% weight B


Build Equipment

  • Primary Melee Weapon: Spear (Ikkoku Nagayoshi)
  • Secondary Melee Weapon: Axe (optional)
  • Primary Ranged Weapon: Hand Cannon (any)
  • Secondary Ranged Weapon: Rifle (any)
  • Head: Raging Bull (Head piece)
  • Chest: Raging Bull (Chest piece)
  • Hands: Raging Bull (Hands piece)
  • Legs: Raging Bull (Legs piece)
  • Feet: Raging Bull (Feet piece)
  • Accessories: Any that increase Defense through a stat, most likely Magic
  • Items: Oasis Talisman, Rejuvenation Talisman
  • Guardian Spirit: Fuse-ushi (replacing Isonade)


Build Strategy

There's no real need for an in-depth strategy with this one, nor a list of skills required. Why? Because it's perhaps the most simple build, yet it's so effective as well. As a bonus, you can complete this build (gear wise) in the very first region of the game (not the tutorial, mind you)! Kyushu Region, to be precise. Isonade will be your guardian spirit until you get the required "Fuse-ushi".

One of the Sub-missions named "Finders, Keepers", will require you to find a sword for the person that actually wears the Raging Bull armor set. When you do, you'll get both the spear exclusive to the armor set, as well as the Smithing Text to make your own Raging Bull armor set. In order to make each piece of the set though, you'll need "Yokai hair" which drops from the boss "Hino-Enma" sometimes, so be sure to have those matieral drop rate increases through Kodama and whatever means you can muster.

I suggest using the Tori Gate and Random Encounters while picking the Mission named "Deep in the Shadows" for the fastest way to farm the boss for the Yokai Hair... at least for now, while the game is still fresh, since plenty of players will need help with this boss. At the very most, you'll just have to replay the mission yourself. The cool thing is, on your first try, you'll get the Fuse-Ushi guardian spirit.

If you can manage to get under or equal to 70% equip burden on your character below level 100, then that will make you much more potent. It is optional, though... after all, what true Tank build can be allowed to zip around like a ninja? Besides, having Rank C in Agility will help discipline you into playing defensively like you should, and you'll be able to block a lot of attacks easily enough. By the time you hit 30 in both Stamina and Body, you'll have more health than most other builds ever, on top of the unique heavy armor set you'll use to mitigate the damage done to you.

Adamantine Axe  ♦  Axe of the East  ♦  Katana Master  ♦  Ninja Warrior  ♦  Powerful Swordsman  ♦  Tank


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    • Anonymous

      The only thing about this build is the fsct you'll be re-running either Hino-Enma or anywhere with Flying Bolts just to have enough yokai hair to keep building exotic ragingbull armor pieces so you dont fall out of lvl and still get set bonuses. Very tough, tho the frozen mission with the Elsa Boss has enemies that drop pieces of the set of varying rarity. Wear all your luck gear and you could probably farm a lvl 50+ set from that area. Hopr this is helpful.

      • You might want to put that you have to have strength at 10 for some of the raging bull set items to activate their special effects. My kabuto, do, and hiyazoroi all require str 10. Is this random?

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