Rakuyo's Ninjutsu Guide

Rakuyo's Ninjutsu Guide


My discussion on what I consider to be the best Ninjutsu.


I'm not about to recommend you to go full Ninjutsu, because fact that is that the Onmyo Magic path just has way more to offer than the Ninjutsu path. Ninjutsu does have some pretty helpful techniques, which can supplement Onmyo Magic or function as a reasonable alternative. The stat Ninjutsu Power, and its counterpart Onmyo Magic Power both add little to actual performance, which means that the benefits for specializing in one field are rather limited. Helpful techniques that are available right from the start are Shuriken and Kunai. These work as cheap and useful projectiles when you're not yet ready to acquire Onmyo Projectiles and your Ammo is still limited. The bomb path, Fire: Kayaku-damaFire: Horoku-dama is not one I recommend you invest in, unless you're ready to fully specialize in it, which requires having Ninjutsu at Veteran level. That doesn't mean you can't use the countless Kayaku-Dama and Horoku-dama that you find during missions. Gallnut Broth and Hemlock Broth I consider to be pretty underwhelming when compared to their Onmyo equivalents, which induce Status Effects AND add damage. Paralysis and Poison also don't add up to a Confusion Effect. Once you've got access to Novice level Ninjutsu, you get better skills. Medusa Powder is a very handy Ninjutsu that I use a lot. It creates a cloud of paralyzing mist that disregards guard and is very helpful against Human enemies and Revenants. Once the enemy is Paralyzed, you're advised to trigger a Grapple. Because the mist keeps re-paralyzing the enemy during the Grapple animation, you can often perform another Grapple after the first one (works best with Dual SwordsAxes and Kusarigamas, and may require Ninjutsu Power at a certain level). Learn Sneak Attack, a handy but not essential backstabbing trick, then make your way across Catwalking to acquire Suppa. Suppa is your primary Ninjutsu stealth technique. As long you don't come within a certain radius of an enemy, you'll be effectively invisible, and you'll be able to set up attacks to perfection. It's possible to get even closer to enemies, but it requires slowing down to a walk. Makibishi are a good way of slowing enemies down, and stunning lighter enemies and Revenants. There are also a good number of good passives you can get at Novice level. Quivermaker and Shot Pouch both substantially increase your supply of ranged Ammo. Medicine Man allows you to increase your supply of Elixirs. Once you get to Adept level you can acquire Groundfire and Paralytic Groundfire, both good abilities, and you can acquire more versions of existing abilities, making combinations like Blister-Beetle Powder and Poison Shuriken more viable. You can also start investing in Poison Control and Paralytic Control, which are the best sources of Poison and Paralysis resistance in the game. What I do at this point is keep on investing in the skills and passives I like, and I could always use everything without needing extra Ninjutsu Capacity. My favorite Mystic Art is Concealment.


Ninjutsu I Like

Ninjutsu I Don't Like


Ashikaga Yoshiteru  ♦  Date Masamune  ♦  Date Shigezane  ♦  Date Shigezane and Katakura Shigenaga  ♦  Derrick the Executioner  ♦  Edward Kelley  ♦  Edward Kelley (Boss)  ♦  Gasha-dokuro  ♦  Giant Toad  ♦  Great Centipede  ♦  Hattori Hanzo (Boss)  ♦  Hino-Enma  ♦  Honda Tadakatsu (Boss)  ♦  Hozoin Inei  ♦  Hundred Eyes  ♦  Ii Naomasa  ♦  Ii Naomasa (Boss)  ♦  Ishida Mitsunari  ♦  Ishida Mitsunari (Boss)  ♦  Joro-gumo  ♦  Maria  ♦  Marume Nagayoshi  ♦  Nine-Tailed Fox  ♦  Nue  ♦  Obsidian Samurai  ♦  Oda Nobunaga  ♦  Ogress  ♦  Okatsu  ♦  Okatsu (Boss)  ♦  Onmoraki  ♦  Onryoki  ♦  Otani Yoshitsugu  ♦  Saika Magoichi  ♦  Sakata Kintoki  ♦  Sanada Yukimura  ♦  Sarutobi Sasuke  ♦  Shima Sakon  ♦  Shisenin Kosen  ♦  Tachibana Muneshige  ♦  Tachibana Muneshige and Honda Tadakatsu  ♦  Toyotomi Hideyori  ♦  Umi-Bozu  ♦  White Tiger  ♦  Yagyu Sekishusai  ♦  Yamata-No-Orochi  ♦  Yoshitsugu Otani  ♦  Yuki-Onna  ♦  Yuki-onna and Oda Nabunaga

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    • Anonymous

      Onmyo has way more options than Ninjutsu, but as far as viable damage is concerned, Onmyo is somewhat pathetic compared to Ninjutsu. If you want to utilize ranged options for more than buffs/debuffs and for actual damage, kunai and storm kunai beat out any onmyo skill.
      Naturally you'd want the many debuffing options onmyo provides as well if investing in thrown weapon damage, but you shouldn't discredit the potential of kunai.

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