Rakuyo's Odachi Build

Rakuyo's Odachi Build


A powerful odachi build for enthusiasts with tips and equipment advice.


 The first Skills to get with this build are Waking Winds: HeavenSunset Breeze: Heaven and Sunset Breeze: Man. The Odachi offers the rather unique possibility to combo in and out of other stances, and that's what the above two skills are all about. They allow you to vary and extend your strong and quick attack combos by going into a combo from another stance. The above skills focus on comboing from Mid stance to High stance and from High Stance to Mid Stance. One combo I particularly like is High Stance strong attack --> Mid Stance quick attack --> High Stance strong attack. It's costs a lot of Ki, but it's fast and really powerful. Another favorite combo of mine requires Twin Moons (novice), which is a combo ender for the High Stance quick attack combo. This combo starts from the Mid Stance strong attack sequence, then goes into a High Stance quick attack then ends with Twin Moons. This combo is potentially 5 hits long and is really damaging and hard to guard against. Another great skill you can get right away is Groundquake, it's a counterattack (L1+Triangle) that can't be interrupted, is fairly fast and deals a lot of Break damage. Along with that you can also get Crashing Waves (novice), a different counterattack (L1+Square) that's faster, also deals a lot of Break damage, but has fairly short range. If you want to, you can get Charging Bull (adept), which is to be switched with Waking Winds: Heaven on Mid Stance. Charging Bull is a powerful and simple combo ender, designed to deal heavy Break damage and go into a unique Grapple if it knocks the enemy out of Ki. The downside of Charging Bull is that it doesn't deal a lot of regular or Ki damage if it just lands a hit, and the enemy isn't guarding. Behind Charging Bull is Passage to the Afterlife (passive) which improves your Grapple damage for all weapons. You can also consider getting Sword of Severance (novice) to improve odachi damage against Humans. At Veteran level you can acquire Clarity, a buff that increases Ki recovery at the cost of movement speed. Clarity is handy in many encounters, but is ill advised for boss fights and fights against large enemy groups. You can also get Devastating Rush, a "Hold Triangle attack" which jets you towards an enemy, and functions well as a lead attack.  My preferred Mystic Art of is Shifting Serenity.

The main stances you want to use with this build are High Stance and Mid Stance. Odachi combos can eat a lot of Ki, so it's important to Ki Pulse. The Mid Stance quick attack combo offers maybe the best crowd control in the game. The Mid Stance strong attack offers a great poke, but the High Stance quick attack combo, and strong attack, also function very well for dealing with an enemy at range. The best way of knocking the horns off a Yoki or Namahage is the High Stance Quick Attack combo.

This build's particular play style combines well with Tengen Kujaku, who can greatly increase the damage of High Stance users. Waking Wind and Sunset Breeze attacks DO NOT count as Skills, which means this build DOES NOT combine well with Kara-Jishi. Some particularly powerful Odachis to look for are Monohoshizao (+15% Close Combat Damage),Usami Nagamitsu (Weaken Melee Weapons 10% and inherent He Who Never Retreats set bonus), Taro Tach (Change to Attack Strength AA-) and Mijinmaru (Weaken Torso). The Odachi has one of the best Living Weapon movesets in the game, so it's worth taking that into consideration. Tengen Kujaku generally does a good job in the Living Weapon department, and it doesn't hurt that the Living Weapon Magic Attack (Triangle + Circle) is accompanied by a decent odachi attack. 

Odachi come in two types, which alters their scaling property slightly. Its either B+ Strength, C+ Heart, D+ Stamina or B+ Strength, C Heart, C Stamina.
For more information on scaling and speccing see Weapon Scaling Tables.

Odachi Skills In The Build

Odachi Skills I Don't Like


Ashikaga Yoshiteru  ♦  Date Masamune  ♦  Date Shigezane  ♦  Date Shigezane and Katakura Shigenaga  ♦  Derrick the Executioner  ♦  Edward Kelley  ♦  Edward Kelley (Boss)  ♦  Gasha-dokuro  ♦  Giant Toad  ♦  Great Centipede  ♦  Hattori Hanzo (Boss)  ♦  Hino-Enma  ♦  Honda Tadakatsu (Boss)  ♦  Hozoin Inei  ♦  Hundred Eyes  ♦  Ii Naomasa  ♦  Ii Naomasa (Boss)  ♦  Ishida Mitsunari  ♦  Ishida Mitsunari (Boss)  ♦  Joro-gumo  ♦  Maria  ♦  Marume Nagayoshi  ♦  Nine-Tailed Fox  ♦  Nue  ♦  Obsidian Samurai  ♦  Oda Nobunaga  ♦  Ogress  ♦  Okatsu  ♦  Okatsu (Boss)  ♦  Onmoraki  ♦  Onryoki  ♦  Otani Yoshitsugu  ♦  Saika Magoichi  ♦  Sakata Kintoki  ♦  Sanada Yukimura  ♦  Sarutobi Sasuke  ♦  Shima Sakon  ♦  Shisenin Kosen  ♦  Tachibana Muneshige  ♦  Tachibana Muneshige and Honda Tadakatsu  ♦  Toyotomi Hideyori  ♦  Umi-Bozu  ♦  White Tiger  ♦  Yagyu Sekishusai  ♦  Yamata-No-Orochi  ♦  Yoshitsugu Otani  ♦  Yuki-Onna  ♦  Yuki-onna and Oda Nabunaga

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