Re-Forging Ranged Weapons


Ranged Weapons have 5 exclusive pools and 1 non-exclusive pool. The non-exclusive bonuses can appear in any pool and all or none can be present at one time. In the exclusive pools, only one of each pool can appear on a Weapon. Some Weapons come with fixed/locked bonuses that cannot be rerolled.

These values below are preliminary values, please edit the tables with any new higher values you encounter.  White Text representing the  max roll at 0 Familiarity, Blue Text Representing the max roll with max Familiarity.



Non Exclusive

Damage to Revenants 19.9% 24.9%
Break 14 19
Ranged Bulls-Eye Bonus 17.9% 23.9%
Familiarity Bonus (Familarity Gain Rate) 19.9% 24.9%
Fire Damage (Cannon only) 13.9% 23.9%
Recurrent Damage From Fire (Defensive) 10.9% 15.9%
Gold Earned 4.9% 5.9%
Ki Damage (Matchlock) 21.9% 26.9%
Ki Damage (Bow) 21.9% 26.9%
Item Drop Rate 4.9% 5.9%
Equipment Drop Rate 4.9% 5.9%
Unlimited Ammo 4.9% 5.9%
Life Recovery from Bulls-Eye 100 170
Matchlock Damage (Long Range OR Close Range) 17.9% 22.9%
Bow Damage (Long Range OR Close Range) 17.9% 22.9%
Movement Speed (Aiming Ranged Weapon) - 100%
Matchlock Speed Up - -
Bow Speed Up - -
Auto-Track Enemies (Ranged Weapon) - -
No Guard Break (Aiming Ranged Weapon) - -


General Damage Pool

Equipment Weight Damage Bonus A- A+
Familiarity Damage Bonus A- A+
Agility Damage Bonus A- A+
Enemies Defeated Damage Bonus A- A+
Damage Bonus (Less Armor) A- A+


Ranged Damage Pool

Bow Damage 19.9% 24.9%
Matchlock Damage 19.9% 24.9%
Hand Cannon Damage 19.9% 24.9%
Long Ranged Attack Damage 25% 30%


Specific Equipment Drop Rate

Human Equipment Drop Rate 5.9% 7.9%
Yokai Equipment Drop Rate 5.9% 7.9%


Amrita Pool

Amrita Earned 4.9% 5.9%
Amrita Earned from People 5.9% 7.9%
Amrita Earned from Yokai 5.9% 7.9%


Specific Item Drop Rate

Human Item Drop Rate 5.9% 7.9%
Yokai Item Drop Rate 5.9% 7.9%



  • Familiarity Damage Bonus A increases damage by about 15%.
  • Equipment Weight Damage Bonus A increases damage by about 15% with equipment weight above 30.1 and about 5% below. Applies to melee damage when on readied range weapon ONLY.
  • Agility Damage Bonus adds roughly 10% Close Combat Damage at (B) Agility and 15% at (A) Agility but ONLY when the ranged weapon is selected and ready to fire.
  • Enemies Defeated Damage Bonus adds roughly 1% Close Combat damage per kill up to 16%
  • Fire Damage on cannons is the only Ranged Weapon Special Effect unable to be inheritable.

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    • Anonymous

      12 Nov 2019 20:13  

      I don't understand the stat Unlimited Ammo (same with Unlimited Juntsi or Onmyo Magic). Is the value the chance that it could happen to shoot but not loose ammo or does the value increase your overall ability how much ammo you could carry? Both ideas i tried to "test" in my game but alas i'm still at the beginning of the game (second region) so the values are to small to see an effort. The tooltip of Gold farmin, which is explained ingame that there is a chance to get double gold drops is much better imo.

      • Anonymous

        03 Apr 2017 05:25  

        Long Range Attack Damage caps at 20.0% base and 30.0% familiarised. Got it on a bow.

        Same can apply to individual weapon types.

        I've seen drop rates go up to 5.0, 5.5 when familiarised on ranged weapons.

        Max value for bullseye bonus is higher. I have more on all my main bow and guns.

        Thinking of a way to upload screenshots to provide for evidence later.

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