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Saika is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Saika were a group of renegade samurai based in Western Kii province (present-day Wakayama prefecture). They were roaming mercenaries who recognized no lord and were feared for their skill with firearms. Saika Magoichi was one of their best-known members.

"Magoichi" is believed to have been a hereditary name for the leader of the Saika, and some traditions speak of several people using it. The Saika provided assistance to the Ikko Rebellion along with the warriors of Honganji, digging in to defend Ishiyama Honganji temple and battling ferociously against the Oda forces. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's assault on Kii province forced them to surrender, but Saika mercenaries scattered across the country and continued their activities.

The Saika crest is the three-legged crow or "Yatagarasu" and was used by those among them who claimed the surname Suzuki along with descent from a priest at Kumano Shrine. The Yatagarasu appears in Japanese mythology as a provider of guidance to heroes and was said to be able to see the truth clearly from far away. The Saika, who placed great importance on firearms, considered it their deity.


Crest Protection

  • Wind (Gun): +30
  • Matchlock Damage: +14%


Special Reward

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