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Saito is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Saito clan controlled Mino province (present-day Gifu prefecture) from their base of Inabayama Castle. Their best-known leader was the much-feared Saito Dosan, nicknamed "Mamushi" after the venomous snake.

Upon leaving the capital, Dosan made a name for himself serving the Nagai clan, who served as the acting military governors of Mino, and he rose to become daimyo after expelling the Toki clan from governance. Dosan married his daughter to Oda Nobunaga of Owari (present-day Aichi prefecture) and forged a close friendship with his son-in-law, but later died in battle after a dispute with his son, Yoshitatsu. After the Oda clan seized control of Mino province, the Saito clan's family members and surviving retainers were absorbed into the Oda ranks.

The Saito family crest depicts a two-crested wave and was devised by Dosan himself. Called the "Dosan Wave", this crest is one of a number of family emblems that incorporate wave-based designs. Dosan believed that water, with its ever-shifting form, was allegorical for life itself. and the constant ebb and flow of the waves inspired him to hone his military tactics.


Crest Protection

  • Status Ailment Augmentation (Poison): +20%
  • Close Combat Attack (Strong Enemies): +10%

Special Reward

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