Samurai Skill Points is an Additional Stat in Nioh. They are the points used to acquire certain Skills


Samurai Skill Points Information

The weapon skills available in Nioh are affected by the stance you take (Low, Mid or High). They are learned using Samurai Skill Points, which are earned either by increasing Proficiency with a weapon, leveling stats like Strength or Body or by using the locks of hair Items.


Earning Samurai Skill Points


Each weapon tracks its proficiency separately as seen in the status menu > additional statistics. when proficiency of that weapon reaches a break point you will gain 1 Samurai Skill point. The break points for every weapon are as follows.

  • 500
  • 2 000
  • 6 000
  • 15 000
  • 30 000
  • 60 000
  • 100 000
  • 220 000
  • 300 000

 Past 300 000, Proficiency will no longer reward Samurai Skill points. with 9 Breakpoints across 7 weapons gives access to 63 skill points from levelling proficiency.


Leveling Up

Increasing the Core stats Body.
Heart, Skill or Strength will earn a Skill point. It is not Know how the game calculates this but it seems to be roughly every 2 levels.


Mission Rewards

Many side missions, particularly on Way of the Strong and higher will have a variant of Samurai Locks as a one time reward.

Way of the Samurai
Mission Region Reward


Way of the Strong
Mission Region Reward
Demon Hunting  KINKI 1 x Young Samurai Locks
 The Battle of Ohashi Bridge  KINKI  1 x Young Samurai Locks
Master of the Twin Blades OMI 1 x Young Samurai Locks


 Way of the Demon


Mission Region Reward
The Bridge of Bone CHUGOKU

1x Young Samurai Locks

Demon Hunting KINKI 1x Young Samurai Locks
The Battle of Ohashi Bridge KINKI 1x Young Samurai Locks
Memories of Death Lillies TOKAI 1x Young Samurai Locks
Immortal Flame SEKIGAHARA 1x Young Samurai Locks
Sekigahara SEKIGAHARA 1x Young Samurai Locks


Way of the Wise



Way of the Nioh




Agility  ♦  Attack  ♦  Body  ♦  Break  ♦  Defense  ♦  Dexterity  ♦  Equipment Weight  ♦  Familiarity  ♦  Gold  ♦  Guardian Spirit Bond  ♦  Heart  ♦  Ki  ♦  Ki Pulse  ♦  Level  ♦  Life  ♦  Magic  ♦  Ninjutsu Capacity  ♦  Ninjutsu Power  ♦  Onmyo Magic Capacity  ♦  Onmyo Magic Power  ♦  Onmyo Magic Skill Points  ♦  Parry  ♦  Proficiency  ♦  Skill (Stat)  ♦  Spirit  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength


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