Sarutobi's Gunsticks

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C+ Dexterity
B+ Familiarity ?
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Sarutobi's Gunsticks is a Weapon in Nioh.


Sarutobi's Gunsticks Description

"Iron tonfa used by Sarutobi Sasuke, who served under Sanada Yukimura. These tonfa, made by a renowned master gunsmith, can be loaded with bullets that are fired from an opening at one end, allowing for close—range strikes as well as ranged attacks. Originating in Ryukyu province, tonfa spread to other regions in Japan due to their use by military strategists and ninja who travelled the land. Sasuke is thought to have learned how to use tonfa while in a ninja village in Togakushi (present—day northern Nagano prefecture). Flexible enough to be used for attack or defence, tonfa proved to be an excellent weapon for ninja, with their mastery of the classical martial arts, and many used them in conjunction with kusarigama."


Possible Status Effects


Location/Where to Find

  • Sold by Blacksmith
  • Found at The Siege of Osaka (Winter)
  • Dropped by Sarutobi Sasuke



  • The "Tonfa Gun" skill is used by equipping the Devastation or Crimson Lotus combo enders and can be performed from any stance.
  • The skill requires an additional tap after activating Devastation/Crimson Lotus to activate (i.e light attack, heavy attack to activate Devastation, heavy attack again to activate Tonfa Gun).
  • Damage of Tonfa Gun is roughly 2-4x the phys. damage done by Crimson Lotus/Devastation - dependent upon the enemy and the player's location relative to said enemy - with a modest amount of Fire damage added to the mix.
  • Tonfa Gun can be used even if your Gunsticks have been Refashioned.







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