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Satake is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Satake clan ruled the north of Hitachi province (present-day Ibaraki prefecture) before becoming retainers of the Toyotomi clan. Major clan leaders include Yoshishige and his son Yoshinobu.

Satake Yoshishige was an infamous known as "Yoshishige the Oni" who expanded the clan's domain through diplomacy and marriage as well as war. He later became an advisor to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and his son Yoshinobu served so well at the siege of Odawara Castle that he was granted vast holdings in Mito and elsewhere.

The family crest is a five-tined fan with the full moon on it. This is said to derive from an incident centuries earlier when a Satake clan member was fighting alongside Minamoto no Yoritomo to conquer Mutsu province. Yoritomo realised that the pure white Satake battle flag was the same as his own and ordered it changed, and the ancestral Satake promptly attached to the flag a fan that Yoritomo had given him.


Crest Protection

  • High Stance Attack (Strong Attacks): +7%
  • Self & Allies Healed (Enemy Defeated in Close Combat): 50


Special Reward

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