Shima Sakon

Shima Sakon
General Info
HP Amrita Location
23,500 59,409 Sekigahara
Weak Resistant Immune
Water Lightning  None

Shima Sakon is a NPC/Boss in Nioh. He is the 2nd boss that players will have to fight in the 'Sekigahara' mission. The player will have to face this boss in order to proceed with the game.


Historically, Shima Sakon was a Japanese samurai of the late Sengoku period. Shima eventually left the service of the Tsutsui, and eventually joined Ishida Mitsunari under the banner of the Toyotomi Clan. At the Battle of Sekigahara, Shima served as one of Ishida's higher-ranking officers, commanding a unit of 1,000 strong men.


  • Sekigahara Main Mission, Sekigahara region.
  • His boss arena is at the very back of the battlefield, in a fenced-off area behind a stream and a line of cannons. When approaching the entrance to the arena, players will see a group of Tokugawa soldiers charging in, along with another soldier huddled nearby, pleading to not get his head cut off.
  • There is a shrine very close by, at the end of the stream to the left (go upstream to find it).



  • Amrita: 59,409
  • Gold: 2,277
  • Co-Op Amrita: ??
  • Smithing Texts: Oni Sakon's Spear, Armor of the Exceptional
  • Other: Spear-type weapons, Armor of the Exceptional, The Raging Bull, Kaido Armor


Combat Information

  • Health: 23,500
  • Ki: ??
  • He can be parried, stunlocked and critically hit when out of Ki.
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?


Tricks :

  • Throw Yokai Water Pots at Shima Sakon while he's in the second phase. They drain his ki and slow his ki regeneration. He easily gets stunned and can be hit with a critical strike if struck with a weapon shortly afterwards.
  • Makibishi : throw it in the middle of the stage, it is helpful for running away from the living weapon mode, lets you use talismans more safely
  • Dodging and geting behind the boss can avoid many attacks, but his horizontal sweep, and close range grab can get you if you easier. It is generally safer to dodge diagonally backwards, to the left and the right. Dodging diagonally back avoids the grab, sweep, and thrusts.
  • You can land 1 or 2 hits on Shima after avoiding an attack string. He will generally block, or hit you, on the third strike. Mid stance attacks can be landed 1 or 2 without getting hit, dealing more than with low attacks
  • Since you have to dodge quite often, high stance dodging is riskier
  • If you are using axes, the low combo light attack ->Cloud crush can drain Shima's ki pretty quick ( if it hits, not blocked ) , and takes little ki to use. The obvious problem is range is low. Also, when he runs out of ki, if you cloud crush him into a wall, you deal high damage
  • Paralysis groundfire is very powerful against Shima : after he gets paralysed, a buffed lumber chop ( axe ) , or any other high damage skill can perform very well


Video Strategy

Strategy 1 (Melee)

To fight Shima Sakon, one good strategy is to stay close during the first phase. As a spear user, he has a big advantage in range, but his attacks take more time to finish in comparison to swords. Many of his moves give an opening for one or two attacks.

When Shima Sakon summons his spirit and his weapon is glowing, try to keep a distance and not get hit. Keep moving until you have enough ki to jump in, attack once, then back off quickly. Sakon does not stagger in this phase until he runs out of ki, so trying to use combos on him is very risky.

Strategy 2 (Magic)

Since all human bosses or enemies, including Shima Sakon, utilize regular Ki, Lifeseal Talismans work very good to make these fights more manageable. The tricky part is to cast it at the right moment, as his spear thrusts are quick and cover  alot of ground. When cast, just bait attacks until his Ki is low and go in for the grapple/critical hits. Coupled with Sloth talismans, the fight is almost trivial. 

Shima Sakon Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.As sfasdf



Shima Sakon has two attack phases. In the first phase, he uses hard thrusts and foot sweeps to keep the player off balance. In the second phase, Sakon summons his guardian spirit, Kara-Jishi, to buff his attacks with lightning.

First Phase
Headbutt Grabs the player by the head and headbutts them. This attack comes out fast, so keep a bit of distance from Sakon to avoid getting caught.
Foot Sweep Lowers his spear and drags it across the ground to trip the player.
Body Swap Hooks the player with his spear to drag them behind him. Doesn't deal any damage but can't be blocked. The most dangerous part of this move is that it forces you to stumble past him, leaving your back wide open to his follow-up attacks.
Tornado Slams the butt of his spear into the ground, then spins it above his head to whip up a gust of wind around him that deals damage in all directions. Finishes with a heavy slash.
High Stance Combo While in high stance, Sakon thrusts, swings, then thrusts his spear, then follows up with a foot sweep. He can do these moves in different orders, but he typically ends with a foot sweep.
Helicopter Strike Slams his spear down, then jumps and twirls it overheard like a rotor blade, following up with a second slam. Sakon has hyper armor when using this attack.
Second Phase
Living Weapon Summons his guardian spirit to create a lightning AoE around him while he buffs his spear with lightning and unlock his 2nd phase attacks. Usually does this when he has 70% health remaining. Will open the fight with this move at higher difficulties.
Kara-Jishi Thrust Executes a low thrust while summoning Kara-Jishi to breathe lightning at the player.
Roaring Thunder Knocks the player into the air, then comes crashing down on them with Kara-Jishi like a bolt of lightning. Arguably Sakon's most dangerous move because of how much damage it deals and how little warning he gives you before using it. Keep some distance whenever Sakon is not recovering from an attack to avoid this move.


Yokai Lore / History

Born as Shima Kiyooki, Sakon was a warrior who, after leaving the Tsutsui clan, joined forces with Ishida Mitsunari as one of his top generals. During the Battle of Sekigahara, Sakon commanded an artillery regiment until he was shot by riflemen under the command of Kuroda Nagamasa. He retreated due to his wounds, and his fate afterwards remained a mystery. Some say that he died while trying to escape, or that he succumbed to his wounds one month after Sekigahara.

Notes & Trivia

  • Voice Actor: Fujiwara Keji
  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss



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    • Anonymous

      I used carnage talisman, steel talisman, (this overrides the extra damage taken from carnage,) water talisman, and weakness talisman, (stacks with the damage amp from water debuff.) Sloth would be better, but I refuse to use it on anything but gank fights because it's the cheesiest thing in this game.

      Anyway, with that combo you can kill him in like 30 seconds. Still have to watch out for his grab and his spin move which both come out of nowhere and are incredibly annoying.

      • Anonymous

        On NG+ he cheats even more. He cancels out of his stun animation in human form when I hit him with a combo which should (and in NG, did) stun him for the entire duration of the combo, then immediately headbutts me. Literally no way to react to this as you are still in the last frames of your combo attack animation (not even the recovery!), when he decides to do this. I have died to this bullshit cancellation at least 5 times, and there is no way to tell when he's gonna do it or to react to it, not even with my light armor low stance build. Lol.

        • Anonymous

          The majority of damage I've taken from this bastard are due to him prematurely clipping into an attack animation when he still isn't even finished with his staggering animation after being hit; his ridiculously fast grab and living weapon spam are obscene enough on their own, but the fact that he can break his animations on a whim makes this fight utterly broken.

          • Anonymous

            It's quite annoying that the game wants you to play by it's rules but the enemies just goes **** all buffed up. Like I did the yokai water trick which is so ****ing cheesy but then he decided you know what, I'll buff up another living weapon. Oh, you drained my kid again. ANOTHER LIVING WEAPON! It's insane how bullshit this fight is. Your i-frames are totally non-existent and the enemy's i-frames lasts for decades.

            • Anonymous

              Get the spear. Use ONLY Spearfall ability and ground strike after he falls. Boss will die without even thinking of hitting you.

              • Anonymous

                I love this boss, most fair boss in game, no infinite stunlock, no oneshots, no broken grab attacks that he can do in less than a second so there is almost no way you can react to them, no infinite combo so you cant dodge or block on put your hits inbetween them... Oh wait... he have all this trash.

                • Anonymous

                  The only issue I got against him is his damage output being too much ahead of its level/stage. He's the kind of boss you got to play "hit-evade-run-repeat" with as fewer blocks as possible because he's able to deplete blocking stamina super fast AND can even attack through blocks. 2 to 3 hits from him is all it takes to kill any player at his first encounter so you could consider your amount of healing as the amount of times you can get hit by him and successfully heal before going down.

                  Due to his OP attack strength, getting hit by his Living weapon ONCE with no resist to paralysis makes you paralyzed instantly if you survive the strike.

                  • Anonymous

                    Instead of whining about the boss fight (like, I don't even remember the boss fight that much tbh, but I think I didn't have that much trouble with it, according to the Amrita Memories I died to him 4 times, there are way more unfair boss fights than this guy like Yuki-onna), I actually came here to say how much I appreciate this guy's character. He's an absolute unit, but he's still incredibly loyal to Mitsunari just because he respects his unselfish, determined attitude. I already liked the spirit division cutscenes, which let you see things from that character's perspective, but the ending of Shima's cutscene is just the most touching one. "In the end, Lord Mitsunari was too good for me." with him bowing to Mitsunari, that made me respect this character. People think Shima served Mitsunari too well, but he thinks he didn't serve Mitsunari well enough. Probably the most respectable character in the whole game. Has a badass looking guardian spirit too, which also has one of the best passive bonuses.

                    • Anonymous

                      Hard boss, but entertaining fight. Dodge his attacks to his left and land a couple of hits before falling back. Use water amulets and ranged attacks only when he's far, since he's fast. Use lifeseal talismans and yokai water pots to depleat his ki when he activates his guardian spirit, as it's fkin hard to deal with.

                      • Anonymous

                        Kursaigama mains DO NOT FINAL BLOW. I know crazy hear me out. Use yokai water to bring down his ki and use lifesteal talisman as soon as you enter the battle. When you get the opening to attack him after throwing the Yokai pot just keep attacking. His ki will run out and he will be immobile. Just keep hitting ONLY Final Blow if he doesn’t get up. If he starts the living weapon back out and throw a yokai pot then rush him again. HIGH STANCE AS WELL shocking I know. Also use you water talisman before you enter the battle for that extra damage. But remember DO NOT FINAL BLOW MY KURSAIGAMA MAINS UNLESS HE FLAT ON THE GROUND. EVEN THEN SPAM THAT SQUARE/X BUTTON WHEN HE HALF WAY UP. NO MORE THAN A 1-2 MIN WIN I PROMISE.

                        • Anonymous

                          The axe skill Roar and lots of final blows work rather well against his normal phase. That's how I usually kill revenants anyway. For the living weapon phase you should probably run away and dodge towards his right to get behind him though, deplete his ki and then go in for the kill with grapples/final blows. I usually throw a Sloth talisman on him when he enters the living weapon phase. But he's rather easy in his normal phase with Roar.

                          • Anonymous

                            F this boss,I've had a problem this whole game of the disparity between how easy the regular level is vs the boss, but this dude, after 2 hours of non stop rinse and repeat of the same stupid stuff I just can't,I for a while was regularly getting to a second living weapon phase,then I don't know what's happened but every fight he's either grabbing me while I'm literally behind him or about 20 feet away, passing through him as I attack or some other bs thing I cannot control at all

                            • Anonymous

                              This is a fun duel, no bull*****Even his spirit attack seems more balanced than Magoichi's Yatagarasu wave spam, it's powerful, but doesn't use it often.

                              • Anonymous

                                Use Sloth talisman on him then equip any dual katanas. Hemlock Broth level 3 and recurrent damage passive from the Ninja skill tree helps too. Hemlock Broth on level 3 deals around 146 dmg per tick to him, with the passive on level 2 (did not have enough Skill Points for lvl 3) the damage is 165 per tick. Dual katanas hit twice per attack so they apply the broth quicker. If you can keep up the poison, he takes passive damage even if you dodge during his living weapon phase and do not attack him at all. Sloth talisman is optional, but it helps you out tremendously (as with any boss).

                                • Anonymous

                                  Since there are some people who seem to have trouble with this boss I present to you my fail-safe cheesy method. Step 1: Equip a spear in high stance with spearfall (consider getting 2 parts of Ii Naomasa's set to boost your damage) Step 2: Hit him with spearfall while he's not blocking Step 3: Either hit him with a ground finisher or let him stand up if you're out of ki repeat until victory. He usually won't even get to activate his living weapon, but if he does, you can just continue to spam spearfall until you stunlock him again. Have fun!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    So.. after hours playing dodge and hit i lost it and said "***** it". Equipped an Omyo Talisman to weaken his def and brought him down with two swords just moments before he goes lyving weapon. Then i activated mine and rushed him. In the end he never lived to see his living wepaon state, since thanks to the talisman i burned through him like nothing.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I struggled a lot on that boss maybe my strategy can help you guys: Using a spear, start fighting him on high stance. Run on a circle backwards (use the red painting/blood on the ground as a guide) and wait until he strikes and then hit him with 1-2 strikes. After hitting him, run again the same way as before. Keep doing this until he enters his second phase. Change to low stance and instead of figthing just dodge forward everytime he goes in your direction then go backwards and then again when he approaches dodge behind him and go backwards until his ki goes close to zero. Change to high stance and next time you dodge behind him, attack depleting his ki. Deploy a final blow. Rinse repeat the full process until he dies.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        This boss needs the utmost patience. I advise you to switch with a fast weapon to stagger him. I've been going at him with my axe at highstance but he can resist my attacks with hyper armor. He does not resist any of my sword hits unless I get him during an attack. He is staggerable after he hits, for a short window, then no more. It takes some practice to deal with his moveset, dodge at the right time( towards him so you can counter) if he blocks it, keep going. You will drain his stamina and it recovers slowly, just be sure you have enough to escape. You can get him for a full sword combo if you time it right after his moves, he will just stagger a bunch. You should use some kunai, if his stamina is low, but he is far, you can chase him. Try not to over use and knock him down with kunai. You can grapple him or knock him down with a sword blow, then final blow. More damage this way. When he is getting up, don't be greedy. Just tag him once or twice, some hyper armor is coming and he maybe stagger proof. By phase 2, run away from him. Don't risk it with timed rolls, just keep running at full speed away from him and make circles around the arena. When he attacksdodge with a run, when he misses, stop running, recover stamina, then run again. If he touches you with his lightning, your attacks and rolls become so slow. You become easy prey for him. You just want to keep dodging him. Running is the most secure way, no timing, just hold run down. When he tires, gun him with many kunai, then final blow, he may do a complicated air move that is super easy to dodge, he will be open for melee. Maybe just one hit then back up. Once his living weapon ends, you can fight him like phase one, but in about 10 seconds, he will living weapon again. He will keep doing it. It just has a cool down. Run like hell when he does, try to tire him w dodging and finish w throwables. Then final blow. After so much running and waiting for him, fight him normally when his living weapon conks out. Do as much damage before he transforms again. This is a very long fight, if he hits you in living weapon, and your dodges and strikes become slow...your run speed is unaffected. You can be usain bolt and continue running. Also, if he is in the process of transforming,you can make like four hits or more if you get his back. He will blow you away with lightning only if you are in front of him. You can try some yokai water pots or whatever to drain his stamina, but only waste your items after you feel you know enough of his pattern. ( if you insist on using a slow weapon, it's good if he blocks, you can easily drain his ki, with attacks and if your stamina runs out, you can use throwable after your combo. You can break his block if he is blocking at about half stamina. Just throw some kunai to finish. )

                                        • I think I have messed the attack and strategies column placement while adding info. I will try to fix it, but I honestly don't know how they work, so please, someone who knows wiki-fu, fix it back

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Wondering if is this guy going to make me abandon the game.
                                            Levels are a piece of cake but bosses are super hard, until I find the*****ty and totally unsatisfactory way to beat them...

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Does anyone know how to unlock his skin? I just completed the Sekigahara region and still don't have it :/

                                              • Anonymous

                                                dont even bother fighting him fair and square. he's very unpredictable (especialy that annoying living weapon upward-->downward strike. he can use anytime and it 1shots you almost every time). you need te get smart. bring as much ranged weapons and ammo as you can, and get ninjutsu "makibishi" (its the caltrops thingy). beat him up to the point where he'll start using guardian spirit. when he starts casting get away from him and spray some caltrops on the ground. they slow him down pretty nicely. now all you need is keep away from him and bring some headshots in his face, which will cause major ki damage, slaming dude to the ground. run up to him, stab, retreat, get headshot, run, stab, retreat...rince and repeat. at the end you can simply blow his face off with your cannon.
                                                tricky and not the simplest strategy, but i found it much more easeier, than curcling around this "cheating boos", praying he doesn't 1shot you...hope this helps

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  In a game filled with terribly designed bosses this guy absolutely takes the cake. Fully ignores you in any way and just attacks constantly, no skill involve din beating him, simply luck if he doesn't 1 shot you with his many attacks that 1 shot you.

                                                  You spend so much of the game honing your fighting skills and mastering weapons, getting to where Onyudos don't even touch you when you fight them and then the bosses are just "find some dumb strategy that works, or do it enough times that the RNG happens to be in your favor".

                                                  Absolutely embarrassingly terrible boss design and balance.

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