Shima Sakon

Shima Sakon
General Info
HP Amrita Location
?? ?? Sekigahara
Drops Spear
Armor of the Exceptional: Hizayoroi
Armor of the Exceptional: Suneate
The Raging Bull: Do

Weak Resistant Immune
Water Lighnting / ??? ??

Shima Sakon is a NPC/Boss in Nioh. This is the 17th Boss that players will encounter. The player will have to face this yokai in order to proceed with the game.


Historically, Shima Sakon was a Japanese samurai of the late Sengoku period. Shima eventually left the service of the Tsutsui, and eventually joined Ishida Mitsunari under the banner of the Toyotomi Clan. At the Battle of Sekigahara, Shima served as one of Ishida's higher-ranking officers, commanding a unit of 1,000 strong men. This page will be updated when more is known.




  • Amrita: ??
  • Co-Op Amrita: ??
  • Other: Gold, Weapons, etc


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • He can be parried, stunlocked and critically hit when out of Ki.
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?



Video Strategy

Strategy 1 (Melee)

To fight Shima Sakon, one good strategy is to dodge constantly and get close the distance between him and you. As a spear samurai, he is less capable in close quarter combat. He’ll slam down his spear which takes him time to recover from. Also, try to find obstacles that can trap him in the field. His swing’s wide so try to stay close to not take the full damage of his attacks.
When Shima Sakon summon his spirit and his weapon glowing, try to keep a distance and not get hit. Keep moving until you have enough Ki to sustain a close combat with him.
Another Trick: Throw Yokai Water Pots at Shima Sakon while he's in the second phase. They drain his Ki and slow his Ki regeneration. He easily gets stunned and can be hit with a critical strike if struck with a weapon shortly afterwards.


Strategy 2 (Magic)

Since all human bosses or enemies, including Shima Sakon, utilize regular Ki, Lifeseal Talismans work very good to make these fights more manageable. The tricky part is to cast it at the right moment, as the spear attacks are quick and cover alot of ground. When cast, just bait attacks until his Ki is low and go in for the grapple/critical hits. Coupled with Sloth talismans, the fight is almost trivial. 

Shima Sakon Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.As sfasdf



Shima Sakon has two attack phases. In the first phase, ??. In the second Phase, ??

First Phase
Attack Name Description and Counter
Attack Name Description and Counter
Attack Name Description and Counter
Second Phase
Attack Name Description and Counter
Attack Name Description and Counter


Yokai Lore / History

Yokai Lore goes here


Notes & Trivia

  • Voice Actors, if any
  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss





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    • Anonymous

      15 Apr 2017 09:38  

      In a game filled with terribly designed bosses this guy absolutely takes the cake. Fully ignores you in any way and just attacks constantly, no skill involve din beating him, simply luck if he doesn't 1 shot you with his many attacks that 1 shot you.

      You spend so much of the game honing your fighting skills and mastering weapons, getting to where Onyudos don't even touch you when you fight them and then the bosses are just "find some dumb strategy that works, or do it enough times that the RNG happens to be in your favor".

      Absolutely embarrassingly terrible boss design and balance.

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