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Shimazu is a Clan in Nioh.

Clan Analysis

The Shimazu clan were based in Satsuma province (today's western Kagoshima prefecture) but also controlled Osumi (eastern Kagoshima) and Hyuga (Miyazaki). Major clan figures include brothers Shimazu Yoshihisa and Yoshihiro.

After the brothers defeated the Ito clan and brought the three provinces of southern Kyushu under their control, they turned their ambitions northward. They crushed the Otomo clan at the battle of Mimigawa and the Ryuzoji clan at Okita-nawate, but dominion over the entire island was snatched from them at the last minute by troops sent by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Even then, Yoshihiro vowed to fight Hideyoshi's forces to the bitter end, he was not feared as "the Devil Shimazu" for nothing.

The family crest, "Maru-ni-juji", is a simple cross in a circle. A symbol imported from the continent during the Kamakura period centuries before, the cross was held to be a sacred symbol that could ward off misfortune.

Crest Protection

  • Close Combat Attack (Camp About to Fall): +5%
  • Ki Regeneration: +30%

Special Reward

Daily Reward

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    • Anonymous

      I know this wiki page is long dead, (but for any one looking) Ki regeneration is a separate stat from Katos Ki Recovery Speed. It therefore stacks but does very little noticeable difference. I feel the Everlasting Ki attribute and managing ki pulse tend to produce more benefits for the slot trade off compared to an underwhelming clan bonus.

      • Anonymous

        Does the 30% Ki Regeneration stack with Kato's 20%?
        I'm using both and from my stat screen it seems like Kato's is the only one showing up.
        Also when I switch from Kato to a different spirit the clans 30% STILL doesn't show up. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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