Sneak Attack

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Sneak Attack is a Ninja Skill in Nioh


Sneak Attack Description

  • For enemies who do not notice you, uses Triangle to perform a powerful attack from behind.



Sneak Attack Command

  • Press the Δ button when behind an enemy that has not noticed you.




  • A red marker will appear on the enemy you can Sneak Attack, similar to the Final Blow and Grapple symbols.
  • Human enemies will be run through with your weapon or be grappled, but for Yokai, William will perform a normal lunging or strong attack for extra damage. 
  • Multiple sneak attacks can be used on the same enemy.
  • The easiest and best way to land a sneak attack is to use the Catwalking and Suppa scrolls and get as close as possible for the sneak attack. You can then use a Smoke Bomb to make yourself disappear and retreat, or go back in for another Sneak Attack.






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