Spirit master
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
120 20 15 5 10
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
40 5 20 40 -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Spirit master
  • Build Level: 75+
  • Build Focus: PvE or PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Spirit, Heart/ Skill (depend on weapon)
    • Body       20 can be higher
    • Heart       15 (If you focus on sword, switch the number with skill)
    • Stamina    5
    • Strength  10
    • Skill        25 (focus on the these two)
    • Dexterity  5
    • Magic      20 (for the Mystic art)
    • Spirit       25 (focus on the these two)

Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon: Raikiri(early game),  Kogarasu-maru and Nuke-maru, Kusanagi Tsurugi
  • Ranged Weapon: bow/gun
  • Head: Yamabushi/ Gyousha set
  • Chest: Yamabushi/ Gyousha set / Genji armor (must have 10 strength and 10 stamina)
  • Hands: Yamabushi/ Gyousha set
  • Legs: Yamabushi/ Gyousha set
  • Accessories: any that have Change to def (spirit)
  • Items:
    • Sloth Talisman
    • Elemental talisman
    • Rejuvenation talisman
    • Guardian Spirit Talisman
    • Kekkai Talisman

Build Strategy

How to play this build

 This build focused on Change to attack/defense (spirit) and with Yamabushi/Gyousha set you should be able to have a strong defense with A agility. Onmyo is for buffing and debuffing. Ninja skill mostly obtained from ninja hair lock(make sure to take sneak attack).

Strategies with dual sword. Hit enemy with sloth, then debuff with weakness and buff yourself with kekkai, power pill/carnage and elemental. Avoid enemy attack and unleash Water Sword skill, usually I managed to decrease more than a third of boss health this way without living weapon. For human opponent pressure them with God of Wind and Moon Shadow, just make sure to watch your ki since dual sword drain it so fast. Random Slice is also a useful skill to run away when cornered. Important skill to take: Demon Thrust, Earthly Flow, Water Sword, God of wind, Moon Shadow, Random slice and Momentum(higher DPS)/Firm Resolve(tankier).

For sword. Sword has a lower dps compared to dual sword but have a better ki management. Just remember to kick whenever possible especially against yokai. Important skill to take Kick, Haze II, Relentless, Backwave and Sword of Salvation.

Raikiri can be obtained in the first region and as well as the smithing text. I found Kogarasu-maru and Nuke-maru in sekigahara region, and Kusanagi Tsurugi in final mission dropped by revenant. The final boss also dropped divine version of this two.

Also, if you couldn't find the armor set, the blacksmith sells the common/uncommon(random) version of Gyousha and Yamabushi set. I'm not sure when exactly she will start selling the armor.

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    • Anonymous

      I keep trying to follow your builds but honestly they suck so hard. You put like half the needed info and leave the rest to imagination. What spirit should we use, you never updated or fixed the fact that power pills and carnage don't stack, and not even a hint of what abilities we should be reforgin into our equipment.

      • Anonymous

        I got an A+ attack change to spirit on my katana. Is that a godly roll or what? I've never seen an A+ anything in the game before

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