Sword of Execution

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Mystic Art
Cleared Mission "Zen and Sword are One"

Sword of Execution is a Sword Skill in Nioh


Sword of Execution Description

"Increases damage dealt when attacking an enemy from behind with a sword"



Sword of Execution Command

  • N/A




  • Applies to finishing blows, Water Shadow follow up, Haze follow up
  • Approximately doubles your damage from behind, Numbers vary depending on difficulty and level of mission.
  • Makes the sword class a very safe option for slaying yokai, as most of them cannot turn fast enough to punish your 3-4 hit combo in mid stance.
  • If you can parry with Water Shadow, the follow up is almost guarenteed to one shot any humanoid enemy you fight. Only high level phantoms take a few more hits after landing this attack.


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    • Anonymous

      For anyone wondering, this was nerfed a while ago. Info on the page is wrong and outdated (like most pages here), you don't do double damage, it's more like 1/4 or 1/3 more. Still better than the counterpart skill especially when you stack it with other buffs

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