Tachibana Ginchiyo


Character Type NPC
Guardian Spirit Raiken (female)

Tachibana Ginchiyo is an NPC in Nioh. NPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.

Tachibana Ginchiyo Information


Tachibana Ginchiyo is the wife of Tachibana Muneshige. Muneshige, who she had known from childhood, is the adopted son of Tachibana Dosetsu, said to have been so fierce that he killed a god of lightning with his sword when a thunderbolt fell near him. Ginchiyo inherited not only her father's legendary sword "Raikiri" (lightening slicer), but also his ferocity as a warrior: she shows no fear whatsoever before the likes of yokai. 

The bond between Ginchiyo and her husband is loyal and firm, and their combined military prowess is feared even by the blood/soaked warriors of Kyushu. Ginchiyo fell ill while Muneshige was on a campaign and lost the ability to bear children. She senses, too, that the end of her life cannot be far away. Her chief wish now is to combine forces with Muneshige to protect the people. She loves Muneshige, but her regret over her childlessness can lead her to be somewhat distant with him. She is jealous of Yachiko, Muneshige's concubine, but ultimately accepts her as another woman supporting Muneshige and the Tachibana clan.

Ginchiyo's Guardian Spirit is a female Raiken, the mate of her husband Muneshige's Raiken Guardian Spirit. Muneshige and Ginchiyo are as inseparable as their spirit companions, and care for each other deeply. When Muneshige is away, Ginchiyo is entrusted with the castle. It was later said that when trouble arose, she and her maids would don their armour to meet the enemy - a sign of how firmly Muneshige trusted her.

Ginchiyo was also so beloved by the people in their domain that enemies would avoid passing her residence too closely for fear of incurring the wrath of local peasantry.

Tachibana Ginchiyo Location

  • She is first seen talking to William in Tachibana Castle regarding the missing of her husband, Tachibana Muneshige. Later on, she can be found deep within the catacomb, awaiting to accompany William on his mission to find her husband.

Tachibana Ginchiyo Notes

  • Can be Transformed into for 70000 glory.


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    • Anonymous

      Damn, after meeting a westerner for the first time and immediately meet him in deserted place for hanky panky the next time lol

      • Anonymous

        Why is the chat just like political*****? Can't we just enjoy the character and not point out the fact she's a women?

        • Anonymous

          Dat face when a princess hands you her powerful and priceless family heirloom and then you sell it off in an inventory clean up spree because you forgot to lock it. X_X

          • Anonymous

            this is a solid explanation that dieing as young as she did, when her adopted husband lasted way longer. Sure, people can die from just about anything, especially feudal japan shananigans, but something about being a female that also could do battle as any male could? i'm sure that soured alot of men who thought women were better being what woman did back then. Which makes me sad/mad that even a woman as great as Ginchiyo, she still was probobly looked down at, maybe behind her back at most.

            • Anonymous

              It appears when playing as her in a mission that she appears in, while also wielding a Raikiri, that your Raikiri is bigger than hers. Not trying to make a dirty joke btw. But I feel that it's a bit unrealistic and slightly sexist that her sword is smaller, even though it's a one-of-a-kind sword, and it's not like she had it personally made to fit her. To make my point even stronger, the sword is made even bigger for William, regardless if you're playing as Ginchiyo using a transformation. Just wanted this to be on record. Don't get me wrong, Ginchiyo is still very awesome, but c'mon...a shape-shifting sword? Does the girl always have to have a smaller weapon in video games? Just my two cents...

              • Anonymous

                After beating the fake Muneshige there is a background story of her where she was possibly seduced and raped by Hideyoshi Toyotomi while her husband Muneshige is out for war, she's forced to endure it out of fear that Hideyoshi might destroy her clan and husband if she refuse. The scene also mentions that she lost a child, either from forced abortion because it's Hideyoshi's child or a miscarriage. In the same scene she said that she "haven't long to live" possibly the miscarriage/abortion causing her health to deteriorate. It's a pretty sad story.

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