Tactician's Ingenuity


2 Pieces Damage Reduction: 2.0%
Sense Enemies
3 Pieces Treasure Sense
4 Pieces Close Combat Damage: +9.1%
Attack & Defense (Mizuchi): +10
5 Pieces Close Combat Ki Damage: +15%


Tactician's Ingenuity is a Set Bonus in Nioh.


Legendary Strategist Information


Where to Find Tactician's Ingenuity Pieces



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Set Pieces




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    • Anonymous

      i would recommend this set to any new player, as soon as you get the smithing text for the full armor and weapon from that one side mission you can just disassemble your gear from the mission before and you can make the complete set and instantly wear it, you dont even need any rare materials for it, crafted gear has lower requirements than if you find it, in this case it needs 5 strength and body meaning everyone can wear it, its a light set meaning you dont lose any damage for wearing it and it has enemy sense which is super helpful at not getting ambushed and it just so happens that the next main mission is full of ambushes from ninjas and stone guardian statues, and i guess you could equip mizuchi as well since nue the next boss is also weak to water, kato is probably still better tho, but there is no downside of the set, besides looking kinda funky.

      • Anonymous

        Tacticians Ingenuity is in "Special Effects." What effects does it do or have? Since I can not find a straight forward answer on the internet. I am new to this game.

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