Tatsuke-style Matchlock

Attack Varies Attack Multiplier 641
C+ Skill 
D+ Familiarity 999
Break 81 Parry 0

Tatsuke-Style Matchlock is a Rifle in Nioh


Tatsuke-Style Matchlock Description 

"A matchlock widely used in the Tatsuke style of firearms. It's streamlined mechanisms make it an ideal combat weapon. The founder of the Tatsuke style, Tatsuke Kagesumi, was one of three famous firearms specialists, and served both Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Edo Shogunate. "


Possible Status Effects 

  • Matchlock Speed Up (Fixed) 
  • See Reforge Table. 


Location/Where to Find 

  • Smithing Text can be found in the Siege of Osaka (Winter) Mission. After the second Shrine, head across the open battlefield until you reach the Iron Fence. Move along it to the left until you see a ladder. Descend and you wll find yourself in a dead end. A Revenant called "Crack Shot Kagesumi" can be farmed for the text - as well as the Smithing Text for Tatsuke-Style Cannon




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