The Battle of Ohashi Bridge is a Mission in Nioh. 

"I find this hard to believe, but.. It seems that a giant ghost has appeared at Ohashi bridge and is attacking those who cross and stealing their weapons. If it were yokai, that would be one thing...but how can a ghost attack people? William, will you get to the bottom of this for me?" Hattori Hanzo



General Information

  • Previous: The Ogress
  • Next: Spider Nest Castle
  • Region: Kinki
  • Giver: Hanzo Hattori
  • Recommended Levels: 45
  • Rewards: Shura's War Axe, Nioh Stance (Resolute Gesture), Book of Reincarnation
  • Optional


The Battle of Ohashi Bridge Walkthrough

 This is a mini boss with a ghostly warrior that is never seen in the main game. Instead of using the entire bridge like in the Bridge of Bone mission, you will only have half of the area to run around him. Try not to back up too much because you will inevitably hit the gray yokai wall that gets erected once the fight starts. The camera will get far too close to William when this happens and it gets harder to see any enemies coming at you. 

Keep in mind that this fight is going to be long. You can try to knock the ghost warrior off of the bridge but this technique can be unreliable. The warrior uses an axe throughout the entire battle and will use ranged weapons when you're far away. Do not try to unload full combos into him because not all attacks will stagger him, making hit and run tactics viable. When in high stance, the warrior will try to use a  two swing combo and the final swing can track the player, so dodge at the last possible second or block if your ki wasn't already reduced by the previous swing. The warrior will also use skills such as Battle Focus to decrease ki consumption.

On higher difficulties such as Way of the Strong, a Raven Tengu accompanies the warrior. 




    • Anonymous

      15 Mar 2019 02:53  

      Take it slow, don't rush him. One hit at a time. When he's down to 50% keep throwing pots at him that keep him from using item boosts, otherwise he will use potions to heal himself. When those two skulls spawn, immediately move away from all three enemies and take the skulls out first. The skulls can crowd you if you let them hang around too long and distract you while he's prepping his axe to finish you off.

      • Anonymous

        03 Oct 2018 18:09  

        Take note of what he takes, if an armor icon appears, he is stagger proof. Be very careful until it wears off. There is merit to being near him as you can cancel his item use with a combo. Take note of his charge slam. You can't stagger it and it may one shot you. He will flash when he charges it. You can start the battle with a head shot, then you can ground execute him after he passes out. If you are tired of him/keep losing. You can knock him off the bridge. High attack of kusigarna( combo) is good for this. However you will loose items.

        • Anonymous

          24 Sep 2018 05:29  

          I'm pretty sure this is Benkei, given his stance on the bridge and the fact that you get the warrior monk hammer as loot.

          • Anonymous

            21 Jul 2018 19:17  

            Hard time with him! Got him with a long hit'n run with spear, high stance, square attacks all the way. This way you have enough range to attack safely. Switched to sword for the skulls. Onmyo magic and ninjutsu is useful to retaliate when he uses his bow.

            • Anonymous

              20 Feb 2017 18:40  

              Tactic: Just be careful. He has a ton of HP, but the predictable heavy axe moveset and two skulls spawing halfway through. Just chip away his health after he attacks. Sloth Talismans help. You might even be able to knock him of the bridge.

              • Anonymous

                12 Feb 2017 23:17  

                If you've notice, this mission is similar to the series of Final Fantasy's "Clash on the Big Bridge". The Boss is similar to Gilgamesh, large build, big weapons, and drops the "Genji armor set". Around half way through the fight, 2 wind spirits appear as if they were to be Enkidu.

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