The Crossed Sickles

2 Pieces Damage Reduction: 2.0%
Killing Strike Damage +15.0%
4 Pieces Close Combat Damage +10.2%
Increase Attack and Defend (Aya-komori) +10
5 Pieces Damage From Behind +20.0%
6 Pieces Close Combat Damage +7.1%


The Crossed Sickles is a Set in Nioh.


The Crossed Sickles Information


Where to Find The Crossed Sickles Pieces



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Set Pieces




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    • Anonymous

      30 Nov 2019 01:33  

      I'm confused do I need the full set for the bonuses? because for warrior of the west and master swordsmen I don't is this a patch they did to fix broken builds or? something else I need help I want to have a warrior of the west/ kingo armor mix and kingo isn't working like warrior of the west bonuses

      • Anonymous

        24 Sep 2018 13:11  

        I'm lvl 123, have the divine Atagi from NG+ and the full Kingo Set as well (1 Piece ultra rare, the rest common to rare). I have a full divine Katana which is almost 100 attack point higher than my atagi. Question: Is the Atagi as 6th part of the Kingo's set (close combat +12) absolut necessary for the main effect (higher backdamage) or no need for atagi if an other weapon has much higher attack stats? Even if this is not a sword. Thx

        • Anonymous

          26 Jan 2018 01:58  

          Crafting the armor set requires a Great Centipede Fang, one for each piece of the set. It's kind of weird though, as this set becomes available in late 3rd region in the game, yet it requires materials from the 2nd region..

          • Anonymous

            09 Apr 2017 05:51  

            The current requirements on this page are; "6 Body & 6 Strength" which is incorrect. The correct requirements are "13 Body & 13 Strength".

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