The Master Ninja is a Mission in Nioh.

You have receivved a message, William. The sender is unknown, but it says, "The Hayabusa clan wishes to face the famed golden samurai in combat."

The note was slipped into my breast pocket--when, I do not know. It would take an incredible amount of skill for them to do such a thing without being detected. They must be a ninja of the highest ability... If you decide to accept their challenge, I recommend you do so with great caution.


General Information

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  • Region: Siege of Osaka (SUMMER)
  • Giver: Hattori Hanzo
  • Recommended Levels: 200+
  • Bosses: Jin Hayabusa
  • Rewards: Dragon Sword (Exotic), Hayabusa Ninja Armor, random armour and weapons, boss skills (Izuna Drop for the Sword and Fire Ninpo as a Ninjutsu.
  • Gold: ??
  • Amrita: ??
  • Shrines: No



NPCs in the area

  • Jin Hayabusa


  • Jin Hayabusa



Jin's drops are the real reward here, he can drop the entire Dragon Ninja set and smithing texts for the Kusarigama and apparel, as well as the Flame Dragon ninjutsu and Izuna Drop sword technique in the form of items. The latter two are exceedingly rare drops so it's best to bulk up on Luck boosting items and guardian spirits if you intend to farm them. Unfortunately anyone who wants the smithing text for the Dragon Sword will have to beat him on Way of the Nioh.

The Master Ninja - Walkthrough


Jin is a rather challenging boss, and will punish overaggression harshly, debatably more harshly than any other boss in the game.
The key to this fight is spacing. The best way to beat him without cheesing him is to keep him at mid range, and move forward to bait a combo from him. Wait for his combo to finish and punish before he recovers. Attack until he blocks (two, at most three successive swings), back off to recover your own Ki, rinse and repeat.
Keep your guard up in case he chucks Storm Kunai or Fire Shuriken at you - damage from his Fire Shuriken can be negated by blocking when they explode if you are stuck with them.
Jin utilizes a rather familiar ranged attack at range, and sometimes up close as well, that attack being the Art of The Inferno. Erm... "Flame Dragon," as its called here, that being him swathing himself in fire and then throwing a fireball at you after a two to three second windup, you can avoid this attack be either sidestepping or just jogging to the left or right.
Be wary as well of his charged attacks, one of which is the Izuna Drop. All have similar windups and will likely oneshot you; retreat to mid range when he stops moving and places his sword behind him to wind up.
Jin has two highly punishable jumping attacks, one of which is a double overhead swing in the air and the other is the Flying Swallow from NGO; a jump and midair lunge forward straight at the target's face, that target being you. This attack should be dodged or interrupted before reaching you, as it will instantly drain most if not all of your Ki to block and he will be more than happy to follow up his jumps with a light combo and a haughty comment about pride being your downfall. That said, to those of you who are feeling brave and have throwables at your disposal: if Jin is hit at any point in the air he will flop neatly to the ground and be open for a Final Blow, much like Saika Magoichi. You can even use the Flame Dragon scroll or windup knockbacks for Living Weapon to catch him in the air. However, melee strikes against these attacks are at best unreliable seeing as both of Jin's midair attacks are faster than and outpriority your own.
He is fair but requires near perfect awareness of spacing and a thorough understanding of his patterns to beat, so you will likely die quite a bit trying to learn him.

Fortunately this mission has next to no consequence for dying considering the mission is literally just Jin and nothing else.

So. As for the cheese? Jin doesn't like rocks. Specifically the rock to the left of the arena, putting this between him and you will confuse him and buy you time to safely charge up an Iai Quickdraw or start the windup of Renegade Dragon or similar attacks while he walks around the rock. It's that simple, but be warned ye who run the Abyss: there are no rocks to save thee.





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