The Silent Crow is a Sub Mission in Nioh

"Lately there have been many cases of people disappearing from the bathhouse, then returning as corpses. The strange thing is, they've all been men. Apparently the news has left the bathhouse practically deserted. The owner must have thought it was the work of yokai, because he hired mercenaries are missing too. And that's where you come in. It's a lot to ask, I know, but will you investigate?" - Hattori Hanzo



General Information


The Silent Crow Map


NPCs in the area




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Smithing Materials

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Lore Notes:

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  • Saika will not ask about the hairpin if you have a Companion with you.

The Silent Crow Walkthrough


This mission's map is a rehash of The Trail of the Master with the player starting at the very last shrine next to the boss door. As before, collect the Wood Tiles: "I", "Ro", and "Ha" from enemies and openable containers throughout the map.

Once the player has collected the tiles, return to the shrine and open the wooden door to the boss: Hino-enma

Upon her defeat she will drop a Tortoiseshell Hairpin, which can be given to Saika Magoichi at the mission's end to receive Famed Ninja's Locks.


The Silent Crow Map



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