The Silent Crow is a Sub Mission in Nioh

"Lately there have been many cases of people disappearing from the bathhouse, then returning as corpses. The strange thing is, they've all been men. Apparently the news has left the bathhouse practically deserted. The owner must have thought it was the work of yokai, because he hired mercenaries are missing too. And that's where you come in. It's a lot to ask, I know, but will you investigate?" - Hattori Hanzo



General Information


The Silent Crow Map


NPCs in the area




  • Sacred Water
  • Sign Post Talisman


  • Random


  • Random

Smithing Materials

  • Random

Keys & Other

  • Kagutsuchi's Magatama


  • Wheel Monk
  • Yokai
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Flying Bolt

Lore Notes:

  1. Example lore note


  • Saika will not ask about the hairpin if you have a Companion with you.

The Silent Crow Walkthrough


This mission's map is a rehash of The Trail of the Master with the player starting at the very last shrine next to the boss door. As before, collect the Wood Tiles: "I", "Ro", and "Ha" from enemies and openable containers throughout the map.

Once the player has collected the tiles, return to the shrine and open the wooden door to the boss: Hino-enma

Upon her defeat she will drop a Tortoiseshell Hairpin, which can be given to Saika Magoichi at the mission's end to receive Famed Ninja's Locks.

"Ha" Tile

 From the Shrine take the Elevator up to the top, watch out for the Wheelmonk patrolling the floor below and use one of the trap doors below. Deal with the wheel monk if you have to then look for a Main Entrance looking area with a Yokai at the end of it. if you remember the mission "A fiercer flame" this is way the shrine used to be. Deal with him and loot the treasure to receive the "Ha" tile.

"Ro" Tile

From where you found the "Ha" Tile head back into the hall way where the Wheel monk was and take a Left and enter the first door, head through the small room and you should see a Flying Bolt with an annoying Skeleton with a rifle. If you see a large Skeleton Warrior you are in the wrong side.
Lure the Flying Bolt out of the Skeleton's Line of Sight to defeat it. then pick off the Skeleton. past this are is another small room with a Corpse. loot the corpse to receive the "Ro" Tile. Open the door to head back out into the 1st Floor

"I" Tile

Head back up stairs and watch out for the large yokai patrolling the 2nd floor, once hes dealt with you want to look for a large room on the side. This should have panel doors on the outside and be on the opposite side of the Pools. You should see a skeleton on the floor (trying to ambush you) and a corpse on the far end of the room. Before going for the corpse , watch out for ANOTHER skeleton hiding behind the Screens on the left side. Loot the corpse to receive the "I" Tile.

Optional Goodies

This is one of the few levels that has a Kagutsuchi's Magatama hidden in it. It is where one of the Kodama's was located in "A Fiercer Flame".
From the elevator on the 2nd floor, drop down to the rafters and deal with another Skeleton trying to snipe you. on the far end you can pick up a Sacred Water.
Look in the direction of the place you picked up the "Ha" Tile, to the left of that you should see a hole in the wall and the rafter leading to it with a pillar  partially blocking it.
Head through that hole and immediately drop to the left on top of the cabinets. you should see a chest in the far corner in the room. the chest contains the Kagutsuchi's Magatama.

You can also clear out any remaining areas you haven't been yet. its mostly skeleton Warriors, random weapons and some minor loot.

Return to the Shrine

With all 3 tiles and the valuable Kagutsuchi's Magatama in hand, we can open the obnoxious Door and Challenge the Boss Hino Emna. Be aware that the moment you challenge the Boss you will be unable to return to the shrine or the rest of the level unless you are defeated.

Hino Enma

 She should not be a challenge at this point in the game, she is far easier than the time you'd fought her the first time.
Equip some Anti Parayltic Needles just in case and kite her attacks to leave her open to yours.
Once she is defeated she will drop a Tortoise Shell Hairpin.

Take the hair Pin to Saika Magoichi located at the very end room. You'll need to talk to him 3 times because he is jerk then he'll ask you for the Hairpin. give it to him and he'll reward you with Famed Ninja Locks and the Mission will be complete.

The Silent Crow Map




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