The Silver Mine Writhes is a Main Mission in Nioh.


 General Information

  • Previous: The Spirit Stone Slumbers
  • Next: The Ocean Roars Again
  • Region: Chugoku
  • Recommended Level: 
    • Way of the Samurai: 27
    • Way of the Strong: 190
    • Way of the Demon: ---
    • Way of the Wise: ---
    • Way of the Nioh: ---
  • Bosses: Great Centipede
  • Rewards: 
  • Gold: 
    • Way of the Samurai
      • First Time: 7200
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
    • Way of the Strong
      • First Time: 39800
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
  • Amrita: 
    • Way of the Samurai
      • First Time: 2864
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
    • Way of the Strong
      • First Time: 215576
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
  • Kodama: 9
  • Shrines: 3


 NPCs in the area

  • None





  • Consumables
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
  • Weapons
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
  • Armor
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
  • Smithing Materials
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
  • Keys & Other



"How good of you to come. I am Kikkawa Hiroie, lord of Izumo province. Unfortunately, the head of the mohri clan could not be here, but i shall hear what you have to say in his place." - Kikkawa Hiroie



The Silver Mine Writhes Walkthrough


A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details.  Click here to go to the Speedrun Walkthrough.

When this mission begins, step forward and pray at the Shrine. In this room you can find a small chest with Horoku-dama x2 and Antidote x2. Step outside by the chest and you will find a ladder to your left and 2 plank bridges to the right. The middle plank bridge will break if you try to cross it. Take the far right plank path to find an enemy at the end in the nook on the right. You can loot the corpse here for Uchiko Powder x2. Further along the plank ledge you will find a corpse with Stone x3.

Follow the plank lege to the opposite side and take out the enemy you meet. Interact with the contraption here to clear the poison mist from the pit below. If you decided to drop down, you'll have to return here periodically to remove the mist. If you backtrack you can descend the ladder now and find a Kodama right by the bottom of the ladder. Be careful with the enemies here as they can infict a poison on you. There is a joining tunnel passage here with an enemy. Beyond it you can find a chest in a nook to the right. Proceed ahead to come to a ladder and head right to find an enemy and a corpse.

Near here, you will come to a door you can't open from that side. Keep going through the doorway to come to a plank ledge. To your left is another plank ledge to 3 enemies, and ahead you can take the plank bridge to a pillar with an enemy. You can take the ladder or drop down to the ground. Kill the enemy here and interact with the contraption to dispel the mist. On this level is an oni yokai and a few other yokai enemies.

In the center part of the ground level, beneath where the contraption is siphoning you will find a corpse in the center with ??. If you go up the ramp on this level you will come to the Shrine where you began. Staying on this level you will find a corpse here as well with a Spirit Iron Fragment x1. You can also loot a small chest nearby for Antidote x2 and Hyottoko Mask x1.

There is a ladder in this chamber you can take up. Head right to reveal a yokai on the plank ledge. If you keep following the plank in this direction you'll come to the end with a Kodama

Go back down the ladder and head across to the mine shaft and loot the corpse straight ahead against the wall for a Spirit Stone x1. Head right through the doorway and go straight to come to a ladder. Take it up and heard right to find an oni yokai. Defeat it and head left across the plank bridge and follow it to the right and at its end drop down.

You will come to a ledge with a wheel yokai to your right. Watch out for its windup and roll, dodge and let it hit the wall and then attack it. Cross the plank bridge to the platform and interact with the contraption to vent the mist below. Mind the flaming archer across the expanse. 

From this platform you can drop down to face an oni yokai and a handful of other enemies. Follow the candes to a tunnelway to a room with a ladder. Loot the chest here for Antidote x2 and Horoku-dama x1. Take the ladder up and follow the path to the left and loot the corpse for the Central Mine Key. Drop down and head to the right nook to find a Kodama. There is a door nearby that is locked but can be opened with the key.. 

On the opposite side of the level you can take a tunnel to loot a corpse. Back near the entrance to this tunnerl is a short ladder you can take up to a ledge and head left and take the ladder up and take the plank left and then go left across to the platform and keep going through. Make a left on the plank ledge along the wall and kick the ladder down for yourself as a shortcut. Go back along the ledge and hang a left through the tunnelway and head left to find a small chest with Young Samurai's Locks x1 and Summoner's Candle x1.

Return to where the door was and open it to enter a room with a Shrine. Loot the corpse in this room with Spirit Stone x1. Exit this room to come to a plank ledge to find a wheel yokai across the plank bridge to the right. The door straight ahead can't be opened from this side. Defeat the wheel and cross the bridge and snipe the explosive tossing yokai to the left. To your right you'll come to a ladder you can descend and interact with the contraption. 

Take the ladder down and on the next level advance to another ladder and descend to a ground level with oni yokai and a crawling yokai. It's gonna get a little crazy. As usual your best bet is to take them on 1 at a time. Be careful not to fall into the chasm along the wall here. On the opposite side there is a corpse with a Spirit Stone x1 and Earth Amulet x2. If you follow the wall and check the whole area you will find a Kodama by an opening with a wooden fence.

Along the walls of this area you will find a longer ladder you can take up to another set of planks where a wheel yokai will be found. Kill it and progress forward to find a Kodama at the end. Turn around from the Kodama and head right and then go right again and follow this tunnel to the left. 

Drop down this ledge to the ground beneath to take on the boss of this stage, the Great Centipede.


The Silver Mine Writhes Kodama Locations



"Thank you for taking care of that business in Iwami. Now we should be able to resume our mining. I would much appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone what you saw down there. Keep it to yourself, and i can assure you that the Mohri clan will be glad to honor Master Hanzo's request for as long as it remains advantageous for us to do so. If you wish for further assistance from the Mohri clan. I suggest you go see Kobayakawa Hideaki." - Kikkawa Hiroie



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    • Anonymous

      somehow the walkthrough have never mention the toxic rocks that is the cause of the poison mist
      if you want to proceed safer in this mission, you should destroy those toxic rocks as first priority
      to do so, you can activate contraptions then break those rocks before the poison mist is back
      an easier way is to use your gun/cannon, 2-3 shots should be enough

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