The Three Souls is a Sub Mission in Nioh.


 General Information

  • Previous: N/A
  • Next: N/A
  • Region: Tokai
  • Giver: Okatsu
  • Recommended Levels:
    • Way of the Samurai: 65
    • Way of the Strong: 200
    • Way of the Demon: ---
    • Way of the Wise: ---
    • Way of the Nioh: ---
  • Bosses: N/A
  • Rewards:
  • Gold:
    • Way of the Samurai
      • First Time: ---
      • Subsequent Plays: 22200
    • Way of the Strong
      • First Time: 62700
      • Subsequent Plays: 62700
  • Amrita:
    • Way of the Samurai
      • First Time: ---
      • Subsequent Plays: 14088
    • Way of the Strong
      • First Time: 347364
      • Subsequent Plays: 347364
  • Shrines: 1


 NPCs in the area

  • N/A





  • Consumables
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    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
  • Weapons
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
  • Armor
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
  • Smithing Materials
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
  • Keys & Other
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?




 Lore Notes:

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"They say that some children who were testing their bravery in a cemetery outside town haven't come home. They might just be hiding as a joke, but... they could have been kidnapped, or taken by yokai. Would you mind going to look for them?" - Okatsu



The Three Souls Walkthrough


A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details.  Click here to go to the Speedrun Walkthrough.

The Karusu Tengu

First we need to deal with the Karusu or Raven Tengu that is dangerously close to the final encounter. This is a very powerful enemy.
From the shrine take the 2nd left then follow the path around and Watch out for the Dweller hiding behind a Gravestone trying to Ambush you with its unfair Grapple attack. from where you killed that thing use your ranged weapon to snipe the Skeleton on the other side of the fence.
This Skeleton can harass you while fighting the tengu so lets get rid of him.

Once that's Dealt with through the doors you will see a Yokai Portal where the Tengu will spawn. spawn him and lead him back  to the path unless you want to deal with the horrible camera where he spawns.
tengu a best dealt with at melee range. simply bat his claw combo, hit him twice then block his long range pole attack. repeat until his HP pool is gone.

 The Onyudo

Now the tengu's out the way return to the shrine, this time we'll take the first left.  the path forks again take the Left path and you should see an an Earth (Purple) Amrita Fiend guarding some treasure, Kill him to receive an Odachi. return to the fork  and head towards where the skeleton you sniped earlier was. be wary for the Skeleton Swordsman who will ambush you. the path forks a third time but we will take the upper path. A dweller may see you from the Lower path, deal with him if it does. at the end of that path you should see a Another Earth Amrita Fiend Guarding treasure and a Nurikabe (the Yokai that pretends to be a wall). Defeat the Amrita Fiends and loot the treasure for a Horuku-Dama. Now for the Nurikabe, the correct Answer is to use a Hostile Gesture (Red).

You'll notice that path forks off again, the hole in the wall to the right leads to an Yokai Portal containing a Earth Onryudo a powerful enemy but far far weaker than the tengu. Instead we want to go straight to a path that leads to the house. you should be already hearing the strange foot sounds. these are two Karasu Umbrellas that would try to Pincer attack you if you came from the other way. this path eventually leads you back through the lower path. take the treasure chest in the house  for some minor loot (Spear, Warlord Legs and a Sacred Brush). you can then snipe one of the umbrellas from inside the house luring it to you then taking it out. the remaining umbrella is far easier on it own. All of their attacks take little kit damage to block. Once they are done follow the perimeter of the house to find a corpse near rock, loot it for a Large Spirit Stone.

Continue along the path , hit the rock on the well to revive a Spirit Iron Fragment. up ahead a skeleton will be on the floor trying to ambush you, deal with it and head down stairs to face off a Skeleton Warrior. Kill him and loot the corpse at the end near some grave stones for 3 x Salt. next we will head back towards the shrine and deal with the dweller to the left if you didn't earlier. take the treasure it was guarding for a Fire Amulet. Now that were done time to head back to the Onyrudo.

Onyrudo despite hitting like a truck its attacks are easily blocked, further move, when it crouches you can move out the way for it to run into a wall draining all of its ki (the game is quite inconsistent with this).

The Final Fight

from where the Onryudo was take the left path, head up and open the shortcut door on the right that leads to where the Tengu was. the door on the4 Left will lead to the final fight, we don't want to open it quite yet. Instead follow the perimeter of the house on the timber balcony to deal with a skeleton , drop down and collect the treasure on the side for some Armour (Front Line Warrior). head to the back area where the Skeleton was facing and take care of the skeleton on the right trying to ambush you. Another skeleton was come in from the front to support him. to the right there is s mall hut, head behind it to deal with a dweller and collect the treasure for some Sacred Water. Next head inside the hut for the treasure chest (Ikkoku Nagayoshi Spear, Shinobi Box, Battle-wise Armour Suneate).

Now for the fight itself, you will be against 3 One Eyed Imps. These are bad because they can turn into One-eyed Oni which are quite tough. open the doors and prepare to fight them. try to separate them, they are agile and like to try to circle you. Once they are defeated the mission will end.

The Three Souls Map



Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.



"So instead of the missing children, there were three small yokai? How strange... The one looking for the children left your compensation, and hasn't been seen since. It's almost as if they aren't worried about their children at all... Perhaps it wasn't wise to accept their request." - Okatsu


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