Titanic Strength

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Rumbling Earth II

Titanic Strength is an Axe Skill in Nioh


Titanic Strength Description

  • Launches the enemy up before slamming them back down.



Titanic Strength Command

  • L1+Triangle








Axe Skills
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    • Anonymous

      This is, in my humble opinion, the single best skill in the axe tree. Others are useful in different situations, and a lot of people love mad spinner cheese or lumber chop sneak attacks, but if you havent tried this attack please please do. For the damage it's pretty quick, recovery is very fast after the slam, if you practice the slightly awkward spacing on the first swing (kinda leans back a little) youd be surprised how often you can fit this attack in. Axe + Mystic art for big yokai realm damage + yokai CCD accessories + axe yokai damage passive + Kara-Jishi guardian + this positively amazing and satisfying skill = a lot of very dead yokai.

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