Type Clans

Todo is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Todo clan were based primarily in Iyo province (present-day Ehime prefecture). Their best-known leader was Todo Takatora.

The Todo were originally minor retainers to the Asai clan in Omi province (Shiga prefecture). When the Asai were destroyed by Nobunaga, Takatora drifted from province to province changing allegiances as he went. Finally settling into a position as retainer to the Toyotomi clan, his prowess saw him rapidly rise to the rank of daimyo.

The family crest is known as the "Todo ivy", an auspicious plant due to its fierce will to survive and ability to grow indefinitely along walls and up trees—the perfect symbol for Takatora, who thrived as he roamed from clan to clan in a violent and uncertain age.


Crest Protection

  • Change to Life (Stamina): D-
  • Attack (Heavy Armor): +2%


Special Reward

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