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Tsugaru is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Tsugaru clan reigned over the Tsugaru district of Oshu (present-day western Aomori prefecture), and their most famous leader was Tsugaru Tamenobu.

Tamenobu was adopted into the Oura clan, an affiliate of the Nanbu clan, and came to inherit the clan's estate. When the head of the Nanbu clan, Harumasa, died, it triggered a struggle for succession among the branch families on a grand scale, with the resulting divvying up of Nanbu land seeing Tamenobu expand his territory. When the Toyotomi clan effectively seized control of Japan, Tamenobu curried favour with Hideyoshi through his connection to Ishida Mitsunari, and earned the right to be recognized as an autonomous daimyo. The Nanbu clan accused Tamenobu of rebellion, and friction between the two factions continued. However, Tamenobu's territory was assured after he fought alongside Hideyoshi at the Siege of Odawara, and his clan's survival safeguarded after the Battle of Sekigahara, thanks to his decision to support the Tokugawa forces who emerged victorious.

The Tsugaru clan's crest is called the "shakujo", and its design is based on the Buddhist staff of the same name used by ascetic monks. The holy sound a shakujo makes when shaken is said to ward off both evil beasts and demons alike.


Crest Protection

  • Close Quarters Damage With Full Life: +12%
  • Reduce Damage (Full-Life Enemy): 9%


Special Reward

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