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Ukita is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Ukita clan ruled Bizen province (present-day South-Eastern Okayama prefecture) and served the Toyotomi clan as retainers. Well-known clan leaders include Ukita Naoie and his son Hideie.

The Ukita were originally subservient to the Uragami clan, but Naoie successfully turned the tables and, through careful plotting and planning, established control over their domain, earning him the nickname "Demigod of Treachery". His second son Hideie received the first half of his name from Toyotomi Hideyoshi and married Hideyoshi's adopted daughter Gohime, suggesting bright things in his future.

The family crest was a character meaning "child". This symbol is said to have been used by the first ancestor of the clan when he washed up on the islands of Bizen province in ancient times.


Crest Protection

  • Life Recovery From Purification: +120
  • Recurrent Damage Reduction: +25%


Special Reward

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