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HP Amrita Location
?? ?? (Harbour)
The Ocean Roars Again
Weak Resistant Immune
Fire Water/Pois/Para N/A

Umi-bozu is a Boss in Nioh. This is the 7th Boss that players will encounter. The player will have to face this yokai in order to proceed with the game.

Pronounced "OOH-me BOW-zoo". A large and very strange looking Yokai that inhabits ocean waters. Also known as "Umi-Nyudo" and "Umi-Hoshi." A famed Yokai of many legends; it takes its name, which literally means "sea-monk", from its round, bald head. Its appearances inevitably herald violent storms.


The Umi-bozu are Yokai with rounded heads, resembling a giant Buddhist monk, although only their head and shoulders may be seen. They assail ships in otherwise calm seas, often by night, cloaked by their dark skin.



Possible Drops

  • Unit Leader's Armor (M): Hizayoroi
  • Unit Leader's Armor (M): Kote
  • Mikazuki Kusarigama
  • Hosho Sadayoshi
  • Seki Kanenori Dual Uchigatana
  • Magatama
  • The Raging Bull: Kote
  • Hooked Kusarigama


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Hit glowing parts for critical damage
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?
  • Most attacks deal high damage and cannot be blocked
  • Very weak to fire :  fire talisman/shot,  Hyottokko masks and Kato make the fight much easier
  • The three fire pyres, when lit, prevent tiny Umi-Bozus from spawning, so lighting them is recommended. As for how, check the mission walkthrough
  • The pyres can be consumed to enchant your weapon with a very powerful fire effect, but each pyre used means the boss can spawn an additional Umi-Bozu mob.



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Fundamental tips

  • Light the 3 warding bonfires in the mission. Otherwise, 3 lesser Umi-Bozu will spawn, repeatedly, during the fight.
  • The boss is very weak to fire, use  talismans or fire magic. You can also use the bonfires to enchant your weapon with fire, but it is ot recommended, as it makes lesser umi-bozu spawn . You want to use a weapon and stance combination that allows quick attacks, taking advantage of the fire buffing you have. Dual Swords are good, low stance is good as well
  • Blocking is useless here

First phase tips

  • Even if the tentacles receive more damage, it is easier to stay close to the boss, and hit his torso instead. This saves you from giving your back to the boss, which gets you killed easier, and from moving towards the tentacle, which makes you lose time
  • When he does his double tentacle slam, stay in front and it wont hit you. This gives a huge opportunity to hit him, so use your biggest dps move here.
  • Umi-Bozu attacks every few seconds. In the first phase, get used to the timing, and dodge to the side when he raises a tentacle or twitches.
  • Sometimes he uses his beam just after spitting at you

Second phase tips

  • Conserve your Guardian Spirit until the final phase. When Umi-Bozu jumps into the middle of the area, use the familiar strategy of dodge and attack after it misses.
  • Staying far away can make dodging his melee attack harder, and can make you fall into the sea.


Strategy 2 (Hykotto Masks)

The easiest way to defeat Umi-Bozu is to use Hyottoko Masks. A single mask if used just after his beam attack in the first phase or after he jumps and exposes his core in the second phase can hit him multiple times for a huge amount of fire damage. Five to six well-aimed masks can quickly end the battle.


Strategy 3 (Magic)

If you are using a Omnyo magic based build you have many tools that can greatly cripple him. Water Stop Talisman reduces damage from most of his attacks and can even save you from his normally fatal water beam. Cast Weakness Talisman as soon as he moves to one side, and cast Fire Talisman I on a Raikiri and a Carnage Talisman on low stance to quickly lower his hp, and cast a burn on him. Anytime he exposes his core use Guardian Spirit Talisman: I , (it takes 4-5 Guardian spirit Talismans to kill him). This works well if you have 25 spirit along with at least 20 magic, and the Kato Guardian spirit.

Umi-bozu Twilight Strategy

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.


Umi-Bozu has two attack phases. In the first phase, the creature remains in the water. In the second phase, a now much smaller Umi-Bozu jumps into the arena proper.

First Phase
Lesser Umi-Bozu Multiple Lesser Umi-Bozu jump out of the water and attack the player. If the bonfires scattered around the arena are lit, the Lesser Umi-Bozu will be burnt to a crisp when they try to make their appearance.
Energy Beam A large, yellow beam of energy that pierces the battlefield. Easily avoided if strafing in a single direction. Can kill you in a single hit if you don't. Sometimes it is cast just after spitting wreckage. After using it, it exposes its yellow core, open for increased damage
Regurgitate Umi-Bozu spits out wreckage from sunken ships at the player. Dodge to the side to avoid.
Spit The creature spits a ball of water at the player. Leaves a Yokai zone on impact.
Tentacle Smash Umi-Bozu raises a tentacle from the water before smashing it down. Attacking the yellow spot on its downed tentacle does increased damage
Double Tentacle Smash Umi-Bozu raises two tentacles into the air before smashing them down. Attacking the yellow spots on each tentacle does more damage. If you stay close and directly in front of the boss neither tentacle will hit you.
Second Phase
Lesser Umi-Bozu Multiple Lesser Umi-Bozu jump out of the water and attack William . If the bonfires scattered around the arena are lit, the Lesser Umi-Bozu will be burnt to a crisp when they try to make their appearance.
Jump The creature jumps into the air and attempts to land on the player.
Regurgitate Umi-Bozu spits out wreckage from sunken ships at the player. Dodge to the side to avoid.
Spit The creature spits a ball of water at the player. Leaves a Yokai zone on impact.
Smash Umi-Bozu smashes its "head" to the ground. It will remain static for a while afterwards, allowing you to attack. Try dodging close to the boss, to avoid risk of falling off the battleground.
Tentacle Whip A quick tentacle whip that sweeps across the ground.


Yokai Lore & History

海坊主: Umibozu - "Sea Monk". These Yokai of Japanese Folklore are depicted as extremely large, black humanoid creatures that appear in the oceans, often only showing their heads and shoulders. Larger than ships and much beyond, they appear on otherwise calm seas, during the night, to destroy ships. Stories say they may be the spirits of drowned monks, and are often angered if spoken to. Other stories say they are simply creatures of the deep seas. It is said that upon appearing they would ask a ship's crew for a barrel, and if provided one would use the barrel to bucket water onto the ship until it sank and the crew with it, killing, or leaving the crew stranded at sea. For this reason, a bottomless barrel should be provided instead.

To understand more about the period of history please see our Lore page.


Notes & Trivia

  • Voice Actors, if any
  • Similarities to other titles
  • Bugs and glitches associated to this boss




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    • Anonymous

      In his first phase, if he's about to use the tentacle attack, you can immediately change lockon target to the tentacle so you don't have to rotate your camera to aim at the tentacle.

      • Anonymous

        I would highly recommend exploiting this boss with magic and a kusarigama. I just used this strategy on the level 200 twilight mission.

        Use carnage, steel talisman, kekkai, fire talisman on yourself. Use sloth and weakness on Umi. You can completely waste half his health bar in one use of reaper if he uses his beam attack. Reapply everything when he starts phase two. Get him to slam down and then use reaper again. Fight should basically be over. Still annoying because any of his AOE abilities in phase two will one shot you and they have a deceptively long radius, but this makes the fight go very quick at least.

        • Anonymous

          Distância, esquivou, chega nele, 3 porradas e saí. Quando ele soltar raio ele demora um tempo, cê esquiva e chega no corpo dele e dale, não testei mas parece uma boa hora pra dar um tiro de canhão na cara dele ou tiro mesmo de arma de fogo, nem é bom usar arco (inútil, tiro de fogo tira um dano), se tiver máscara de fogo é a hora. Quando ele for bater os tentáculos, veja pra onde ele mira e saia, quando bater o chão acerta um tentaculo, de preferência focando a área amarela. quando ele pula de um lugar pro outro é bom usar a fogueira da sala do chefe pra deixar a arma de fogo. Na hora que ele solta o barco é só esquivar, não tentei atacar ele. Quando ele apanha bastante vem pro barco, o negócio é rodopiar ele e bater e sair, Quando ele incha é hora de ficar distante, quando ele for te acertar no chão de cabeça é esquivar e acertar a parte amarela. Também é uma boa usar o espirito guardião e finalizar, eu não tinha o de fogo, mas se tiver o de fogo com certeza é melhor.

          • Anonymous

            The melee strategy is wrong here. Blocking can be useful to stop the ship pieces doing damage. If you're lighting up at the warding fires and see him going to spit a ship, it is possible to block it, even if it doesn't look like it.

            Also, try to keep him just above half health and then use a hykotto mask after he uses his beam. That makes his second phase much much lower on health to start. With the Kato spirit, you can kill the second phase before even running out of power with that method.

            • Anonymous

              "Pronounced "OOH-me BOW-zoo"." That's not how you pronounce it... If you can't do it correctly, don't do it at all.

              • Anonymous

                He just died in less than 5 minutes using that weird Hyattoko mask!!! Like literally less than 5 minutes !!!! Even the great fighting cowboy struggled more than that

                • Anonymous

                  Only problem is when he moves around the arena and you go close to him to attack him, there is a slight gap between the boss and the arena, which you can fall through to the ocean by walking too much forward or even by attacking the boss. Died to it more times than the actual boss, this made me hate the entire fight which would have been fun otherwise. It seems to be completely random whether you fall down or not, which makes the fight artificially difficult and straight-up unfair.

                  • Anonymous

                    there is a move not listed in phase two, after he jumps do not go for his weak spot... he will spread and absorb you, and it will instantly kill you.

                    • Anonymous

                      I have tested amrita and gold drop by fighting without any equipment that will increase amrita or gold earned from the boss. ||||| amrita earned : 9612 ||||| Gold earned : 1162 ||||| This is just a guessing, may be the amrita and gold earned increase or decrease depends on how many times you encounter the boss

                      • Anonymous

                        The first thing you want to do is rush to the torch. Unless you have a fire guardian spirit, only use living weapon to save your life. You will loose your important fire buff. It's very good to use the huge torch. It will buff your weapon for a very long time, almost the whole fight and the damage boost is so superior to mere talismans. A fast weapon that hits a lot is great. The water guardian spirit is good here because water resist. Don't bother using a guardian spirit to attack, the giant torches are better. It will telegraph it's one hit move by leaning back a little. By the second phase, you should keep moving sideways. Dodge its forward slam or leap, and you have an opening. It's important to keep your cool here. It has huge hp, so you need to be defensive and read it.

                        • Anonymous

                          I know you don't get the phoenix guardian spirit until later in the game, but locking onto it and using the summon talismans just annihilates it's health.

                          • Anonymous

                            If you can you should bring water stop talismans to this fight, his big blast attack was one shotting me if it hit but with a talisman I could take a hit and be left with about 1/4 health

                            • Anonymous

                              so i see a lot of people whine about this boss... he is the easiest boss if you ask me... all his moves are telegraphed. make sure all 3 fires are lit... dont use the fires to light your weapon so no adds spawn on last phase... make sure you have fire talismans... soon as he pops his arms out hit the right stick left or right watch the yellow ball move up his arm soon as it gets to the top dodge and then start beating the arm down... usually it will take 6-8 arm slams to get it into the last phase after that its cake... just keep your distance and dodge when he slams or lunges and make sure you dont get pushed off the platform when he jumps and spreads out.. there are so many open windows to attack that i dont see how people dont learn

                              • Anonymous

                                whenever I go into this fight all three fires go out after only a few secconds @ @ its making this fight hell

                                • Anonymous

                                  Use Hykotto Mask up close. Umi-Bozu won't be able to hit you, and you will do massive damage with each use. 3 to 5 mask uses will kill the boss in about 30 seconds.

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