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Utsunomiya is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

Descended from the Fujiwara clan, the Utsunomiya clan was based in Shimotsuke province (present-day Toshigi prefecture) and its members held the dignified position of head priest at Futa'arayama Shrine for generations. Their most noteworthy leader of the Sengoku period was Utsunomiya Kunitsuna.

The clan gained notoriety for producing two of the greatest archers Japan has ever seen in Tomotsuna and Kintsuna, in the Kamakura and Nanbokucho periods respectively, but their reputation gradually waned. When the Hojo clan rose to prominence in Sagami province (present-day Kanagawa prefecture). Kunitsuna allied with the Uesugi and Satake to repel the Hojo threat. He served the Toyotomi clan after they eventually overthrew the Hojo, but was ordered to forfeit both his rank and properties despite having done little to warrant such punishment. Kunitsuna is later said to have been assassinated in Edo's Asakusa district.

The Utsunomiya clan's crest depicts three swirling water droplets, or, some say, an archer's left-hand wrist guard. Since ancient times, this design has been used as a crest by noble families, and as the shrine crest for the god Hachiman.


Crest Protection

  • Change to Attack (Spirit): D-
  • Bonus After Purification (Attack Damage Surge)


Special Reward

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      Does the spirit boost affect all attacks? I.E onmyo magic, ninja techniques, standard attacks or is it specific things

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