Warrior of the East: Suneate

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VS. Fire ?? VS. Water ??
VS. Wind ?? VS. Lightning ??
VS. Earth ?? VS. Poison ??
VS. Paralysis ?? VS. Yokai Realm ??
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Warrior of the East: Suneate is a Foot Guards in Nioh


Warrior of the East: Suneate Description


"Shin guards with curved iron plates that are bound tight against the shins with cord. A hemp or leather layer is included for extra reinforcement, and as a way of absorbing shock. The iron plates also have a slight curve at the bottom to prevent them from hitting the tops of the feet and making walking difficult. The Warrior of the East was the armour employed by Honda Tadakatsu, one of the four great Tokugawa commanders. As leyasu's right —hand man, Tadakatsu saw bitter combat on the battlefield, yet emerged without a scratch. He was dubbed the Warrior of the East by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Dark—coloured iyozane laced with black thread forms the basis of the design, with gold embellishments in prominent positions radiating power"


Possible Status Effects


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