Warrior of the West's Honour

2 Pieces Damage Reduction: +2.0%
Skill Damage (Tiger Sprint): +30%
4 Pieces Close Combat Damage: +10.2% 
Increase Attack & Defense (Raiken): +10
5 Pieces Increase Attack & Defence (Enemy Electrified): +27.5%
7 Pieces Close Combat Damage (No Rear Damage Bonus): +14.1%

Warrior of the Wests's Honour is an Equipment Set in Nioh. Sets are special equipment that provides special bonuses when equipping several pieces of the armor.

Warrior of the West's Honour Information

Where to Find


  • Despite this Equipment Set Bonus enhancing Lightning, the Sword, Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu has a permanent Water Special Effect. For this reason some Players choose to use Raikiri instead, while leaving Nami-Oyogi in their inactive weapon slot.
    • Raiken, the Guardian Spirit that goes with this set, can be used to electrify enemies through the Moment/Guardian Spirit Talisman, while Nami-Oyogi can be used to saturate enemies.  This activates the set's damage bonus against electrified enemies, while also confusing the enemy by stacking two different elemental status effects, leading to a deadly and effective strategy for bosses.  Obviously, this does not work well against enemies who are resistant to either Lightning or Water damage.
  • Because this Equipment Set is one of the first available and is obtained relatively easily, players will most often see Revenants wearing this equipment; especially before NG+.
  • The final attribute of this set cancels out all increased damage from the rear.

Set Pieces


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    • Anonymous

      Just got the set killing revenants after the first mission of the game, instead of using the armor that would put me at yellow in weight I use the ninja suit, still got the 5 items bonus because of the bow

      • Anonymous

        Beat a bunch of revenants in the first 30 mintues of the game and got this full set. Seems OP and makes the game REALLY easy. Is it supposed to be like this?

        • Anonymous

          What would I do without wikis? Where else can you find detailed info on a random drop from a difficult boss in a 2 day demo?

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