Yamabushi Apparel: Waraji

Defensive Multiplier 187 Weight 1.1
VS. Fire 0 VS. Water 0
VS. Wind 0 VS. Lightning 0
VS. Earth 0 VS. Poison 0
VS. Paralysis 0 VS. Yokai Realm 0
Body 7 Skill 7

Yamabushi Apparel: Waraji is an Foot Guard in Nioh.


Yamabushi Apparel: Waraji Description

"Straw sandals comprising eight knots, earning them the nickname "yatsume waraji," meaning "eight—knot sandals." They were worn by Yamabushi ascetic monks who lived in the mountains and partook in harsh spiritual training."


Possible Status Effects

  • Change to Defense (Spirit): D

Location/Where to Find

  • Sold by ??
  • Found at ??
  • Dropped by ??



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