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Yamanaka is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Yamanaka clan were based in Izumo province (Eastern Shimane prefecture today) and were said to be related to the Amago clan. Famous clan members include Yamanaka Yukimori, also known as Shikanosuke.

Shikanosuke is best known for praying to the moon to afflict him with "seven troubles and eight agonies" in exchange for reviving the Amago clan after its total defeat at the hands of the Mohri clan. Despite raising an army with the assistance of Oda Nobunaga, the clan was crushed by the Mohri again, this time for good.

The family crest, "Hirayotsume-yui", of four squares represents a technique of dyeing known as "Deer foal dyeing". It was used by the Uwa Genji Sasaki family, which the Yamanaka clan claimed descent from. Shikanosuke also used a new moon emblem at times, representing his faith in the moon's spiritual power.


Crest Protection

  • Damage (Status Ailments): D-
  • Damage Reduction (Status Ailments Suffered): 9%


Special Reward

  • Conditions: Donate Rare or Better Armour
  • Reward: Gold

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