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Yasakani Magatama is an Accessory in Nioh. While equipped it lowers the requirements for Set Bonuses by one.  This effect does not stack.


Yasakani Magatama Information                                            

"  A legendary treasure that dates back to ancient Japan. It grants its bearer an equipment set bonus even if they are one piece of equipment short of a full set."


Possible Status Effects 

  • Vs. Yokai Realm
  • Yokai Close Combat Damage
  • Amrita earned from Yokai
  • Living Weapon Duration 
  • Change to Defence (Spirit) 
  • Recurrent Damage from Fire 
  • Received Firearms Damage 


Location/Where to Find

This item is a guaranteed drop from The Return of the Gourd on Way of the Strong. 

However, given the difficulty of the mission, players may choose to instead farm in two specific locations. On lower difficulties (Samurai/Strong) this item is an incredibly rare drop, but after reaching WotD, players will likely pick up a handful throughout the course of the play through. 

The two main farming locations are as follows: 

  • A Request From Ginchiyo: This mission can be completed in as little as 30 seconds and rewards a Divine Accessory by default. Equip a piece of gear with Treasure Sense and run through the area while keeping an eye on your mini-map. The mission goal is to find a Charm hidden inside one of three chests. Upon finding this charm, the mission will immediately end.  

    The three chests that might contain the quest item is at the following location:
    1. Inside the largest building above ground. The entrance is guarded by a cyclops preparing to roll a stone down the stairs. There are two chests in this building. The one with the charm is on the right (relative to the entrance).
    2. Go into the underground area through the doors at the top of the mountain protected by a fog spawned yoki. Drop down two sets of ladders. The chest is before a ledge with a set of kickable ladder that leads into the main underground area.
    3. At the final room of the underground area, after a flight of stairs protected by two sentries. Among the two chests in this room, the one on the left contains it.

  • The Trail of the Master: Ensure you have a high-luck stat. The Itokuri and Daiba-Washi Guardian Spirits will help immensely. Upon loading the mission DO NOT pray at the shrine. Run past the enemies and ascend to the second floor. Drop down onto the beams and make your way back towards the shrine. You will find a beam on the far left that passes through a broken wall and into a hidden room.  Drop down and open the barred door - leading you back to the shrine. Inside this door is an item drop that has a chance to provide a Divine Accessory. If the Yasakami Magatama does not appear, return to the shrine and pray. This resets the item drop. Then try again. If again unsuccessful, pick up one of the two items (the consumable is best) and pray again at the shrine. Then try the drop a third time. This tactic ensures you have 3 chances to find the Yasakani per run. After the third try, reload the mission and repeat.  



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    • Anonymous

      Just found a Yasakani Magatama (Lv 150 + 5) off a One-Eyed Oni during the Mission "The Demon King Revealed" near the shortcut to the first shrine in the mission

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