Yatagarasu Armor: Suneate

Defensive Multiplier 137 Weight 1.5
VS. Fire 3 VS. Water -
VS. Wind 3 VS. Lightning -
VS. Earth - VS. Poison -
VS. Paralysis - VS. Yokai Realm -
Body 14 Skill 15

Yatagarasu Armor: Suneate is a Foot Guards in Nioh


Yatagarasu Armor: Suneate Description


"Greaves comprising of iron plates formed into a half—cylindrical shape by hinge—joints, and fixed with cord. The thick iron plates protect the shins of the wearer when they fire from a crouching position. This light armour was worn by Saika Magoichi, head of the Saika clan, who were a mercenary force based in the Kishu region. They were hired by various feudal lords throughout Japan to fight in numerous battles, which they often won. Magoichi was the name passed down from generation to generation to the head of the Suzuki family who controlled the Saika clan; however, the Suzuki Magoichi who was active during the Shokuho Period is particularly famous for causing trouble for the Oda army, thanks to his gift with firearms."


Possible Status Effects


Location\Where to find




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