Shrines in Nioh is a special location where players can level up their Stats to increase William's abilities. Shrines can also connect the player to "Visitors from faraway places" (i.e. summons). There are also spirits called Kodama which you can discover and guide back to a Shrine by holding circle. At the shrine they will then confer passive bonuses such as experience and gold gain, which you can customize.

They are holy places where the gods gather. Properly paying respects there can greatly ease a player's burdens. The following are actions that a player can take when praying at a shrine:


Shrine Information


Level Up

Players can level up at the Shrine using Amrita. Levelling up allows you to improve yours stats.

Call Back

You can call back the Guardian Spirit of a grave at your shrine itself, to avoid having to find your grave all over again. However doing this will eliminate the grave and all items held inside will be lost. To call back, you need to have the required amount of "Spirit".

Make Offering

You can offer items at the Shrine to receive Amrita. Making many offerings grants you Gifts, and unlocks Titles. Note: To recive the items, you have to offer the amount of items at the same time.

  • 12 offerings = 1 Elixir
  • 14 offerings = 1 Elixir
  • ?? offerings = 1 Whetstone
  • ?? offerings = 1 Antidote
  • ?? offerings = 1 Spirit Stone
  • ?? offerings = 2 Elixir
  • ?? offerings = 2 Spirit Stone
  • ?? offerings = 1 Elixir
  • ?? offerings = 1 Elixir
  • ?? offerings = 1 Antidote
  • ?? offerings = 1 Elixir
  • ?? offerings = 1 Antiparalytic Needle

Ready Jutsu

Select a Jutsu and prepare the necessary equipment to use it. Jutsus are supportive items and abilities such as Shuriken, Powders and Talismans. They are divided into 2 categories: Ninjutsu which are the weapon based arts, and Onmyo Magic which are elemental and spiritual realm arts. Each Jutsu has a cost that goes towards your Ninjutsu capacity and Onmyo capacity. You may only equip jutsus that have a total cost equal or lesser than their respective capacity.

Jutsus are unlocked from the Learn Skills screen. Ninjutsu are learned from the Ninja Skills section and cost Ninja Skill Points to learn and Onmyo Magic are learned from the Onmyo Magic Skills section and cost Onmyo Magic Skill Points to learn.

Summon Visitor

You can summon other players for some jolly co-operation by offering an Ochoko Cup at the shrine.

Receive Kodama Blessing

Select a blessing to receive after discovering and guiding a Kodama back to the shrine. The possible blessings are as follows:

Blessing Description Gold Required
Oracle Blessing Increases the amount of Amrita acquired by 5% - 25% 100
Swordsman Blessing Increases weapon drop rate by 1% - 5% 100
Warrior Blessing Increases armor drop rate by 1% - 5% 100
Healer Blessing Increases elixir drop rate by 5% - 25% 100
Hunter Blessing Increases drop rate of materials by 5% - 25% 100


Change Guardian Spirit

Change the current Guardian Spirit.



Use this menu to receive Alpha and Beta rewards, pre-order bonuses, and purchased DLC.

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