Character Building tips for Nioh. Share tips and suggestions on how to create a good build for the game. This page will help you create your own Build.

There are 3 types of main build archetypes in Nioh, and they generally follow the light/medium/heavy parameters set forth by Armor. Players can select to be agile and responsive, concentrate on blocking and parrying, or play slowly with a heavy build. Magic can be used sporadically for buffs or can be the focus of the build for deadly combinations.

The table below displays the bonuses from stats to weapon categories - All weapons have secondary stat scaling, that changes depending on what you roll on your weapon. Table sources via annonymous google doc.

  Main passive Minor Passive Swords Dual Swords Spears Axes Kusarigama Bows Rifles Hand Cannons Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
Body HP -     B+ D+ D+   C+   yes yes  
Heart Ki - B+ C+       B+          
Stamina Equip load HP       C+       B+     yes
Strength Heavy armor bonuses Equip Load, Ki pulse C D+ C B+           yes yes
Skill Light armor bonuses Ki pulse, ninjutsu power C B+ C   C+ C+ B+ C+ yes    
Dexterity Ninjutsu power, skill points, slots           B+ D+ D+ D+      
Magic Magic power, skill points, slots                        
Spirit Guardian Bonuses                        

Choosing Stats:

Core Stats


Core Stats in Nioh are basic Stats that affect the player's Life, Ki, what Weapons and Armor they can equip, etc. For more in depth information on each stat please see the appropriate page.



Affects Life and resistance to poison and paralysis. (Weapons affected: Spears)



Affects Ki. (Weapons affected: Swords, Bows)



Affects Life and how much weight you can carry. (Affected weapons: Cannons)



Amount required to activate special attributes of heavier weapons and armor. (Weapons affected: Axes)



The amount required to activate special attributes of more technical weapons and armor. (Weapons affected: Dual Katanas, Guns)



Determines the effect and capacity of your Ninjutsu. (Weapons affected: Kusarigama)



Determines the effect and capacity of Onmyo Magic.



Affects the power of your Guardian Spirit.



How much your skills and abilities have advanced.



How much Amrita you currently possess.



Your life remaining. When it reaches 0, you die.



Your Ki energy remaining. Attacks and evasions consume Ki, but it regenerates over time.


Equipment Weight

Total weight of your equipment. Affects Agility.



How agile your movement is. Changes based on the weight of your equipment.



How much gold you currently carry.


Choosing your Gear

Build around your Ki management expertise and your reaction time. Light, agile for fast swings. Medium stance and gear for blocking, and Heavy armor High Stance for slow but deadly attacks


Explaining & Categorizing your build

Once your build is ready, you will want to categorize it for its purpose and explain how to use it effectively, such as outlining the best situations and scenarios where it is useful, as well as those where it may be weak or easily countered.

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