Weapons in Nioh and information about their stats is shown below. You may equip 2 melee weapons and 2 ranged weapons with ammunition. Weapons are color coded by their rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, One of a Kind. The rarer the item, the more beneficial status effects it will possess. In New Game Plus, in the Way of the Strong difficulty, you can earn a new green colored rarity called Divine Weapons.  NG+++ (Way of the Wise) introduces that last rarity Ethereal.

Equipping a weapon effectively requires a minimum value in specific Stats. You can level up stats to meet a minimum requirement by spending Amrita at Shrines. Equipping a weapon you do not meet the minimum requirements for results in a halved attack multiplier as well as an inability to make use of the passive Status Effects.




Indicates how much you have used an item. The higher your familiarity, the better a chance at finding the Smith Amrita when you disassemble it.


Raising your proficiency with a certain weapon class earns you new Skill points.


Affects how much damage your weapon causes on enemies.

Status Effects

Any additional status effects that may be attached to the item to give it bonuses.

Attack Multiplier

Affects your attack power.

Change to Attack

A "Change to attack (Stat name)" is essentially the stat scaling of the weapon/item. It is the degree to which the named stat affects attack.


Affects how severely an enemy's guard is broken. The higher the number, the greater chance of breaking your enemies' blocks.


Affects how much Ki (stamina) is lost when blocking an enemy.




Katanas Special Effect ATK Multiplier (150) Heart Strength Skill Break Parry
 Wooden Sword ⊗ Proficiency Bonus +[60-80]%   B+ C C 50 30
Bizen-den Uchigatana - 566 B+ C C 54 32
Bizen-den Tachi - 568 B+ D C 51 32
Bizen Ichimonji - 576 B+  C C 56 33
Nioh's Tachi

⊗ Yokai Close Combat Damage +20%

⊗ Extend Purification Opening

576 B+ C C 56 37
Bizen Osafune - 579 B+ D+ C+ 53 37
Osafune Kanemitsu - 599 B+ D C 53 34
 Ishida Masamune  ⊗ Set: Daiichi Daiman Daikichi   B+  D+  D+ ?? ??

⊗ Lightning +[4-12]

⊗ Change to Attack (Spirit) C

595 B+  D+  C+ 54  35
Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu

⊗ Set: Warrior of the West's Honor

⊗ Water +[4-12]

624 B+ C C 57 34
Yamato-den Uchigatana - 571 B+ C C 55 33
Yamato-den Tachi - 573 B+ D+ C+ 53 36
Senjuin Uchigatana - 582 B+ C C 57 34
Senjuin Tachi -   B+ D+ C+ 54 37
Bastard Sword - 585 B+ C C 53 31
 Hosho Sadayoshi - 588 B+ C C 57 35
Taima Kuniyuki - 592 B+ D+ C+ 54 38
 Hikoemon Ichimonji

⊗ Set: Legendary Mikawa Warrior

⊗ Fire +[4-12]

593 B+ C C 58 35
 Kiku-Ichimonji - 595 B+ C C 58 35
Heshikiri Hasebe ⊗ Set: Tactician's Ingenuity 601 B+ C C 58 35
Atagi Sadamune

⊗ Set: The Crossed Sickles

⊗ Water +[4-12]

603 B+ C C 59 36

⊗ Set: Yagyu's Shinkage Style

⊗ Skill Ki Reduction +[15-20]%

606 B+ C C 60 36
Oninamida Muramasa ⊗ Set: Head of the Iga Ninja 609 B+ C C 58 38
Furiwakegami Hiromitsu ⊗ Close Combat Attack Ki Reduction +[???]% 611 B+ C C 60 37
 O-Denta Mitsuyo ⊗ Water +[6-16] 621 B+ D+ C+ 58 40
 Mikazuki Munechika ⊗ Lightning +[6-16] 624 B+ D+ C+ 57 40
 Hoshi-kiri Tachi ⊗ Set: Samurai from Dark Lands 624 B+ D+ C+ 58 40
Juzumaru Tsunetsugu ⊗ Earth +[4-12] 624 B+  D+  C+ 55 43
 Sohaya Tsurugi

⊗ Set: Tranquil Foundations

⊗ Earth +[4-12]

626 B+ D+ C+ 57 48
 Onimaru Kunitsuna ⊗ Fire +[4-12] 628 B+ D+ C+ 58 41
 Sozasa Monji ⊗ Set: National Unity 631 B+ C C 63 38
 Doji-kiri Yasutsuna ⊗ Wind +[6-16] 631 B+ D+ C+ 59 45
Taisharyu Wooden Sword ⊗ Set: Strategist of Legend   B+ C C 58 35
 Kobizen Tomonari -   B+ D+ C+ 57 38
 Haccho Nenbutsu ⊗ Set: Saika's Yatagarasu            
 Kusanagi Tsurugi

⊗ Change to Attack (Spirit) A

⊗ Status Ailments Relieved (Purification)

636 B+ D+ C+ 60 43
 Suijingiri Kanemitsu

⊗ Close Combat Attack (Purification)

⊗ Fire Damage (Weapon)

632 B+ C C 65 36

    • Anonymous

      08 Sep 2017 10:19  

      Hi, i am wondering about the weapons from the dlc, if i buy the season pass, do i get access to the Tonkas and Odachi in the beginning of the game? Can i select my prefered weapon as the Tonkas so that i can start with them at the beginning of the game. Thanks in advance.

      • Anonymous

        07 Mar 2017 03:44  

        What is the better option to do with a weapon? Disassemble, offer to get amrita, sell, or keep it in stock?

        • Anonymous

          03 Mar 2017 14:48  

          'Sup guys i've a question for ya. Can every Katana has the same bonus effects? I mean I tried to get 'change on attack (heart) A-' but i could not.
          So, in the meantime i'm using Namiyogi Kanemitsu because it has this effect.

          • Anonymous

            01 Mar 2017 23:51  

            Wait, I don't get it.

            There is no minimal requirements in strength or dexterity to use a weapon, right? So what is the point to level up this stats? Why not just use my points to level up Body Heart and Magic?

            • Anonymous

              17 Feb 2017 17:35  

              So, Kusanagi Tsurugi is the best sword in the game, barring elemental weaknesses, or is this list incomplete?

              • Anonymous

                16 Feb 2017 03:25  

                Hey great article I'm wondering what it means when your ranged weapon icons have a reddish background as opposed to normal gear colored icon. I'm think it might mine some inability to use the weapon fully ? But they are no requirements for ranged weapons. So I'm still scratching my head on this one ? Any idea ? I notice sometimes it's red and sometimes it isn't. Doesn't seem related to min/max familiarity either

                • Anonymous

                  13 Feb 2017 18:16  

                  Hey all so I'm playing NIoh and Love it but I'm having a bit of confusion when it comes to understanding weapons. If I have reached the MAX familiarity level for that weapon, can I level the weapon up like in DS or BB or do I disassemble it and start on a new weapon? Also, in the beginning you pick two preferable weapons, if it better to stick to those weapons or does it matter?

                  Thanks for the help!

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