DLC in Nioh is covered hereAll downloadable content for the game will be included on this page, with their release day and release cost.


DLC Information

As a bonus for giving the Alpha Demo a try, players who manage to clear a stage of the Alpha Demo will be able to download the Mark of the Conqueror DLC which will entitle them to some special DLC in the full game. The exact details of this future DLC were not revealed. Players who complete the second stage in the Beta demo will gain access to the Mark of the Strong DLC. Both of the previous dlc unlockables and a new Ogress Headgear are unlocked by completing the stage of the Final Chance Trial demo. You do not have to do this in twilight difficulty. 

A Season Pass comes with the Digital Deluxe version of the game which costs a total of 79.99 USD and grants access to the 3 post launch DLC story Missions.


How to Unlock your DLC in-Game

Once you have purchased/obtained/downloaded the DLC, visit a Shrine and select the "Boons" menu. The DLC will be added to your inventory then.


The following is a list of all the DLC for the game:

  • Last Chance Demo Bonus: Ogress Mask
  • Alpha Demo Bonus: Mark of the Conqueror
  • Beta Demo Bonus: Mark of the Strong
  • In late March they released high-difficulty Missions to the game. There are 10 types of these missions, including missions that will take the format of classic boss rush modes.
  • PvP: May 2nd, although they did not go into details as to what it will look like.
  • Dragon of the North: May 2nd – Venture deep into Japan’s embattled Northern provinces
  • Defiant Honor – Fight in the bloody Winter Campaign of the Siege of Osaka
  • Bloodshed’s End – Bring the Siege of Osaka to an end during the Summer Campaign

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