Status Effects in Nioh are elemental effects and status ailments that may be used by William, NPCs and Enemies. Contrary to belief enemies are not 'weak' to certain elements; Damage from elements is not affected. Each Element counters another and is also counterable by another. Elemental enemies have inherent traits i.e. Lightning enemies use ki attacks and Earth enemies have higher defense. Each elemental status effect is meant to mitigate these traits.

The circle of counters goes: Fire -> Water -> Earth -> Lightning -> Wind -> Fire

Certain Items like talismans can apply a buff to your Weapons to inflict these status effects. Applying an element to your weapon overrides the weapon's own element if it has one. It is also only possible to have 1 element on a weapon at a time. This page is under ongoing revision, please update as you discover more.


Status Effects Information


  • Causes damage over time
  • Duration can be reduced by performing a dodge



  • Slows attack speed and movement



  • Causes ki usage to double



  • Reduces Physical Defenses



  • Lowers the target's attack rating significantly



  • Damage over time. Lasts longer and deals more damage than fire.  Note that poison only causes damage as a status effect and cannot be dealt directly.



  • Prevents action until effect wears off, an item is used or the afflicted is hit


  • Causes player to become ill after ingesting any usable medicine, elixirs, ninjutsu items, etc. Player becomes unable to move for 3 seconds or until hit by enemy


  • When you stack 2 elemental status effects on a foe, they are inflicted with Confusion. Confusion heavily slows them and breaks their guard making them stagger with every attack taken. The guard break lasts until the status disappears, far longer than a normal guard break. When the status is applied to humans they become severely slowed and recover Ki much more slowly. All enemies take more damage while the status is in effect.




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