Status Effects in Nioh are elemental effects and status ailments that may be used by William, NPCs and Enemies. All types of elemental damage cause a status effect to build up, while poisoning or paralysing weapons cause Poisoning or Paralysis to build up. This build up can be viewed in the form of a meter. Once the meter is full the status effect is activated. By inflicting further build up - before the meter drops to zero - you will prolong the duration of the status effect. Specific enemies are weak or resistant to specific status effects, Nue for instance is resistant to both Lightning damage and Lightning Paralysis.

Certain Items like talismans can apply a buff to your Weapons which allows you to inflict these status effects. Applying an status effect to your weapon overrides the weapon's innate status build up or elemental damage if it has one. At any time, It's also only possible to have one active weapon buff. Higher amounts of elemental damage inflict more status build up, making use of rapid hits also increases the speed at which the status effect builds up.

 There is no official list of status effect icons, but most of them are listed .

Elemental Effects Information

Status effects can be classified in two categories: elemental effects and status ailments. The main difference between them is that elemental effects deal direct elemental damage on hit as well as filling the corresponding status meter, while status ailments don't. Each elemental effect is identified by a different colour. Elemental effects are the following: Fire (red), Water (blue), Lightning (yellow), Earth (purple) and Wind (green).

Certain Enemies are weak/resistant to certain elements. As a result, they will take more/less damage from those elements, and the status effect will be triggered faster/slower.

Fire (Scorched)

  • Causes damage over time
  • Duration of effect can be shortened by dodging and rolling
  • Indicated by flames lingering on the affected target

Lightning (Electrified)

  • Slows attack speed and movement
  • Stacks with Sloth Talisman effect
  • Indicated by arcs of electricity covering the affected target

Earth (Muddied)

  • Target will take double Ki damage
  • Indicated by vertical purple lines of energy surrounding the affected target

Water (Saturated)

  • Increases Physical damage received by about 20%
  • Indicated by a blue mist surrounding the affected target

Wind (Blustered)

  • Lowers target's Physical Attack power, weakens their ability to block attacks
  • Indicated by faint traces of green energy swirling around the affected target


  • When you stack 2 elemental status effects on a foe, they are inflicted with Confusion. Confused Yokai stagger with every attack taken. When the status is applied to humans they become severely slowed and recover Ki much more slowly. All enemies take more damage while the status is in effect.
  • Confused is indicated by a Yin Yang symbol on the HUD, and is visually represented by a red and black haze emanating from the affected target



Status Ailments Information

Non-elemental status ailments work similarly to elemental ones. However, status ailments do not cause direct damage on hit.


  • Damage over time. Lasts longer and deals more damage than fire. Note that poison only causes damage as a status effect and cannot be dealt directly.


  • Coats the player in a terrible stench that stuns them after they ingest any usable medicine, elixirs, ninjutsu items, etc. Player becomes unable to move for 3 seconds or until hit by enemy
  • Can be removed by coating yourself in water (look for and smash barrels without grime on their lid) 


  • Prevents action until effect wears off, an item is used, or the afflicted is hit. Triggers a Grapple possibility.
  • Some equipment and attributes increase damage against Paralyzed enemies.

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    • Anonymous

      Just to be precise: Fire and Poison are similar even in output damage. They are both damage over time, but in different ways. Fire is much more faster but ends before than Poison. In 1 second, Fire deals 3 waves of damage. So for each second it lasts, Fire inflicts 3 times the same flat damage. For instance: assuming you'll inflict the Scorched status effect on a enemy and supposing Scorched status lasts 6 seconds, each second you deal (example) 3x100 of Fire damage (first wave 100 dmg, second 100 dmg and third 100 dmg). Totally, you'll inflict 1800 fire damage over time (divided into 18 waves). Poison instead deals 1 wave of damage in 3 seconds (just one). The flat damage of the unique wave is superior than the fire one (but of course fire is 3 waves per second).

      • Anonymous

        Scorched is not fire damage. You can have 100% elemental damage resistance and not only will fire damage still build up, the dot from scorched will still deal damage to you.

        • This part of the wiki is bullshit: enemies are in fact to weak or resistant to certain elements. Check the in game "amrita memories" dedicated to the yokais : if you press r2 (i think) it shows you some stats of each enemies. It clearly states which elements the yokai is vulnerable or resistant too.

          It is also important to note that the resistances do not necessarily follow the order stated in the wiki. For example, a enemy that is weak to fire doesn't necessarily have to be resistant to water or earth. Some enemies are weak and/or resistant to more than one element.

          I have personally checked some of those. for example, the lesser umi bozous (the water thingies) can be one shotted by the onmyo magic fire projectile. Any other element does miuch less damage, except water, which does 0 or a negligible amount.

          • Anonymous

            If you join the clan that allows you do deal extra damage to enemies with status ailments, does that include enemies set on fire?

            • Anonymous

              Can the defense reduction caused by water element be stacked with the effect of the onmyo magic "weakness"?

              • Anonymous

                Do Poison and Paralysis count as elemental? Meaning that applying those two at the same time give the enemy the Confusion effect?

                • Anonymous

                  "Wind: Lowers the target's break-resistance and parry"
                  Is this true?
                  I noticed that when fighting Tengus and Mitsunari whenever I get the wind debuff I do way lower damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    I don't know how to format it correctly. Can someone add:

                    -Lowers the effects of Medicine and drastically lowers guard
                    -Can be inflicted with Dung Ball usable item

                    This is the stinky stuff that you walk in/enemies walk in in that one level in the ninja area of the world map.

                    • Anonymous

                      Does the "VS. Yokai Realm" property boost your damage against Yokai in the real world? Or does it only work when you're in the Yokai Realm?

                      • Anonymous

                        i think water do not stack elemental build up, but your damage increase everytime you hit the enemy
                        not sure if the increment works with poison/fire though

                        • Anonymous

                          Anyone know if there are elemental strengths and weaknesses? I haven't figured it out but I'm pretty sure water is weak against fire which first threw me off.

                          • Anonymous

                            can paralysis stack with any of the elemental damages? I have water on my sword and it hasn't seemed to work since i switched to the Itokuri guardian which gives paralysis. can someone confirm?

                            • Anonymous

                              One thing that I'm trying to understand is a colored ying yang effect. I used fire and water and they hade this pickish arua around them and there was fire water and a red blue ying yang on there for effect symble. Unsure what it means but cool all the same.

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