Wind is a Status Effect in Nioh.


Wind Information

  • Lowers the target's break-resistance and parry
  • Decreases the target's attack power


Items That Inflict Wind

  • Wind Amulet

  • Moment Talisman
    (With Wind Spirit)

  • Guardian Spirit Talisman
    (With Wind Spirit)

  • Onmyo Magic
    Wind Talisman, Windshot Talisman


Enemies/Bosses Weak To Wind

  • Li Naomasa

  • Onryoki

  • Mudmen

  • Onyudo


Guardian Spirits

  • Daiba-Washi

  • Aya-Komori

  • Yatagarasu

  • Izuna

  • Tengen Kojaku

Tips & Notes

  • Wind is a counter to Fire as most Fire-based enemies have a high attack rating. It also prevents recurrent damage from Fire while the enemy is afflicted. If the player is afflicted it causes him to be guard broken easier and parrying becomes much harder. The decreased attack power only applies to Yokai

    • Anonymous

      25 Oct 2017 01:16  

      “it also prevents recurrent damage from fire when afflicted”.

      Umm...what do you mean?? Do you mean that when that ENEMY afflucted by WIND is unable to do recurrent FIRE damage to YOU? Or do you mean that ENEMY afflicted by WIND is ITSELF immune to recurrent damage from fire?

      • Anonymous

        23 Mar 2017 10:43  

        Which is the strongest Wind Guardian Spirit and the strongest weapon with wind status effect (I want to make a Wind Build) ???

        • Anonymous

          22 Feb 2017 21:13  

          "Lowers the target's break-resistance and parry"
          Is this true?
          I noticed that when fighting Tengus and Mitsunari whenever I get the wind debuff I do way lower damage.

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