Online modes for Nioh are covered on this page. The game features several different options for interacting with other players, both directly and indirectly. In addition to the below in-game modes listed, there is a Clans feature that allows players to give allegiance to one of the warring clans and improve your online ranking to earn points for the clan. You will be able to obtain special rewards by participating on this.


Online Information


Bloody Grave

Corpses of other players will appear in your world and you can challenge them (they become AI controlled specters of the players) for loot and experience. The corpse of another player will appear as a katana driven into the ground called a Bloody Grave, surrounded by a swirling red smoke/fire. You can inspect this to view the level of the player, the player's ID, how they died and when, the rarity of the items held and the Spirit Guardian it has. Activating the blade mound will trigger an NPC representation of the fallen player, called Revenants. William will then fight the corpse with an opportunity to earn loot from defeating it.



You can summon another player to help you at any Shrine. Select the "Summon Visitor" option and offer an Ochoko. You will not lose an Ochoko if no player is summoned, but you cannot summon another player without one. After doing this continue playing as summoning will happen automatically. It can take quite a long time currently to summon someone.

Matchmaking in Nioh is how the player is summoned to assist another. From the general overview screen select a Mission and hit the Matchmaking button to help another player in their world in that Mission. You can modify several different parameters for matching to find the ideal partner for your goals.

Online co-op is available via "Torii Gates" and Ochoko cups, making it so single player campaigners may summon in visitors from another world at a shrine. Similar to souls, the session ends if the host dies, but if the summoned ally is defeated another one may be brought in. Gestures and cosmetics are available to make this experience more unique. It should be noted that during these sessions players cannot trade equipment.

Another feature is designed specifically for co-op, with more challenging missions under the "Yokai Realm with a Companion" banner. In this mode, players can take on missions with more powerful enemies and Yokai as a duo, and share in a survival bar that depletes with each death and may be refilled slightly at shrines. Players in this mode can revive each other a limited number of times, making for entertaining moments.

1) In order to play co-op and summon a companion into your game you need to offer an Ochoko cup. These can be obtained from dead revenants. You can offer these cups at the shrine menu under the "summon" section. The game will then start looking for a companion and connect them to you as soon as it finds one.

2) To join Co-op with random people, after you beat a mission it is unlocked for proper co-op. To access co-op then:

  • You can then highlight the mission on the map, hit X and then it allows you to hit Square to 'Become a Visitor.' In this mode when the host dies you are sent back to your world and you can't be revived either by the host
  • You can use the 'Starting Point' menu. There is an option called 'Torii Gate.' You have two options here:
    • Yokai Realm with a Companion: This modes lets you revive each other with a gauge going down if someone dies till you survive the dead player. Just hit Circle at their grave. When the gauge is emptied the mission fails for both players.
    • Random encounter: This is similar to 1. You don't get to revive each other in this mode.
    • Both options let you either randomly search for a game or specify a mission. You can only choose and enter certain missions with these menu options if you have already beaten them.

3) To Co-op with friends/people using a password:

  • The game offers a password system to connect with friends or people using the same password.
  • As of patch 1.14 you can play with a friend using a password by selecting "Yokai Realm with a Companion" as long as both players have unlocked the mission. Players no longer need to have the mission completed in order to play together.

In order to play co-op both players need to:

  1. Set the same password
  2. Set the password to 'On'
  3. The player trying to help/trying to join the other players as a companion has to have the mission unlocked for companion mode or beaten for random encounters.
  4. You then have the same options described above.


In addition to battling against other players' Revenants, Team Ninja is adding PvP on a smaller scale, like duels in a small arena or something of that nature. The mode will be available as post launch DLC.


Clan Battles

Clan Battles are a unique Online event in which players pledge allegiance to one of the game's warring Clans. Players rank up and contribute to the ranking of their Clan. The better they perform, the better the benefits of membership become.

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    • Anonymous

      Need some help.
      I'm thinking about importing the Asian Complete Edition beause I prefer physical versions. Are there any problems that occur when I want to use the import's multiplayer aspects in a PAL region? Do I need to have a Chinese/Japanese PSN account or does it work with my normal one?

      • Anonymous

        How in the heck do I send a coop person back besides me or them dying. I have a very helpful and over zelus person who after Nue is just blazing the rest and it's all stuff I've never seen. I like coop but not hurry over here players.

        • Anonymous

          Just an update they made it so you can do a blind playthrough as co op and can confirm me and my friend both bought our copies and are enjoying it

          • Anonymous

            As of patch 1.14, players can now play coop via companion mode with a password as long as both players have the mission unlocked. You don't need to have the mission beaten. You can now play through the whole game with a friend without any restrictions.

            • Anonymous

              Developers need to change the co op because me and my friend wont buy it unless we can play through the whole game together. Dont know why the developers think forcing a certain way of playing is good. Congrats, youre just losing potential sales because I dont play games by myself. Too busy. Sucks cause the game looks great.

              • Anonymous

                One thing to ask, i want to play co op with my friend in japan. And i'm on asia region. Can we play together? Or is it nioh has its own server in japan? Thanks in advance

                • Anonymous

                  "<-- Also, same guy who just posted the comment bellow about co-op with the steps. Ahem, if you bought this game just for the sake of playing with your friends, you're a *****, the game was never inteded to have cooperation, this was an added feature for a great and amazing single player game with a solid experience behind a good story. It's okay though, the whole game is trash because you can't co-op i guess? not really, beat the g ame once and complete all the missions then you and someone else can play the entire game together in a lobby like you normaly would expect, not that hard. losers."

                  Im sorry i saw this and i just had to respond. The co-op experience is no where near as fun as it would be with a friend. The Yokai Realm mode for example is designed to allow you to progress through a mission at the same time with the assist gauge, adding a very fun element of co-op team play being required to win in a very retro style similar to what you would expect with the shared lives of old school games.

                  However, this mode completely defeats the purpose of its own biggest feature, to complete the mission together. Since you're doing it with a random, and not a friend. This mode undermines itself due to the fact you cannot play it on newer missions on your first time.

                  However (again) Fret not, this derp doesn't realize that this game DOES have a very very good co-op experience with your friends.

                  And that is this games version of the new game plus. From what i understand you CAN play the harder difficulty missions with friends, so long as you both have completed the mission to begin with, on its original difficulty.

                  So ignore jackasses like this and You do you.

                  Co-op games these days are easy, overly forgiving, and take away from the experience by not designing a mode specifically for co-op gameplay, or not doing it well (dragon age)

                  The Souls like genre is probably the best place to come for a very challenging co-op experience since the retro days, in some ways the addition of another player makes it more difficult, such as invaders, sometimes the target changing of bosses can add confusion and so on.

                  So wanting the co-op experience in these soul like games to be a true experience, progressing together, and on your first run through when it's at its most challenging. Is absolutely to be expected for those that enjoy co-op with friends.

                  So this attitude can go ***** itself ^_^

                  Also! To add. Yokai realms needs a much bigger explanation as they have a pseudo difficulty to them that is a little greater than the standard mission. Your assist bar may mean you can revive on the spot, the two of you may even be able to double your dps.

                  But shrines are not checkpoints.

                  • There's one method I've discovered and tested with a friend, but it might require a LOT of time to get it working, simply because we're not 100% sure how Bloody Graves function in the back-end. Here's how we got it to work:

                    First off, make sure both of you don't care too much about your Amrita, because giver needs to die and receiver might have to jump in and out of the mission multiple times. Also, you cannot give DLC gear, least from what I've seen so far.

                    1. Both giver and receiver must have access to a mission that is leveled relatively close to the GIVER'S current maximum level, both character and gear. (Not quite sure what the level range is yet, but you can get an idea from the levels of other revenants. Note that this restriction doesn't seem to apply in Way of the Strong missions.)
                    2. Giver needs to jump into the mission, and die somewhere while WEARING the gear they want to give.
                    3. Receiver can either already be in the mission or jump in after giver has died.
                    4. Receiver has to find the giver's bloody grave and fight their revenant to receive the gear.

                    Getting the giver's bloody grave to appear is the hardest step, because we don't exactly know the conditions for getting specific ones to appear. What we do know is that it takes time before a specific grave will appear (might be due to how populated some areas are or something). I recommend waiting for a few minutes, then using a Himorogi Fragment to leave and re-enter the mission to refresh the graves. Sometimes, you might see no graves at first. Other times, you might see the same people. Either way, it will appear eventually. Quitting the game to the title screen and praying at the shrine didn't seem to make the graves refresh any faster.

                    We also do not know if the bloody grave will still be there if the giver logs off, but it will still appear even after giver has Himorogi'd out of the mission or picked up their grave, albeit on some timer before it disappears altogether. Reminiscent of the summon sign system used in Dark Souls 1 in that respect. On that note, we're not sure how long it'll take before the grave will disappear either.

                    • Anonymous

                      <-- Also, same guy who just posted the comment bellow about co-op with the steps. Ahem, if you bought this game just for the sake of playing with your friends, you're a *****, the game was never inteded to have cooperation, this was an added feature for a great and amazing single player game with a solid experience behind a good story. It's okay though, the whole game is trash because you can't co-op i guess? not really, beat the g ame once and complete all the missions then you and someone else can play the entire game together in a lobby like you normaly would expect, not that hard. losers.

                      • Anonymous

                        here is how to summon your friends

                        Step 1: Both of you put on password
                        Step 2: Use Tori gate to search by password or click on a stage and hit become visitor {Assuming whomever needs to be helped put down an Ochoko bowl first}
                        Extra Step: Oh yeah you have to complete basically every stage in the game and in NG+ to get a solid experience with another person that you are helping to complete the game, other than that the Co-op is majorly flawed.
                        Side Note: at least if you both complete EVERY Mission available in the first playthrough, you both can just go to the Torrii Gate and Co-Op normally by joining an instance with eachother and selecting the new missions in NG+ without having to do all the extra work of putting on of you inside of the stage and put down a bowl, this way you both can enjoy a full harder version of the game to the fullest, at least this method of online is a plus.

                        • Allowing me to summon OP randos but not my low-level inexperienced friends to help me in order to keep the game from being too easy is just stupid.
                          It's a fun game, but I'd get a refund if I could.

                          • Anonymous

                            I did a refund for this game. I purchased it specifically for the reason that I thought me and my friend would be able to enjoy and experience the co op together but not have to beat everything before he did. don't advertise one thing in the demo then change it on the release.

                            • Anonymous

                              For those who want to run with friends in areas they haven't yet completed, DO NOT DESPAIR. A buddy of mine and I have been running together, consistently, through areas I haven't yet completed (with me as the host). He HAS completed them; whether this is important, don't know yet.

                              Here's how we've been doing it:
                              Both people set the Secret Word. Obviously, it needs to match. This keeps the Host from summoning a rando.
                              The Host goes to the area they intend to summon their buddy into. HAS TO HAVE A SHRINE.
                              The Buddy uses the Torii Gate on the Starting Point to search for the Host. Naturally, it works best when you have the other person on your Friend List, so you can choose to search for Friends. (At least, I'm fairly certain this is what he's using. I'll doublecheck later on.)

                              There are no restrictions to level, as far as we've seen. Don't seem to be able to drop items for each other, but this might be due to the sideways fashion we're doing this. We intend to test whether items can be dropped in Companion-Op missions soon.

                              • Anonymous

                                Bull*****how they changed the coop feature from the demo, Why would we go through it first then again in coop. Ruined what could have been a truly great game. The coop feature now is redundant if you wanna go through the game with a friend.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I can't seem to find anything about any sort of restrictions for Co-op as far as I know. Is this correct or not? Would be kinda stupid if a level 100 can help a guy who just started out as the "helper" would be a literal Tactical Nuke for the mission in that case.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Do I have to finish the Mission first in order to be summoned by an other player to that mission?
                                    I only played the last chance demo and it seemed that way there...

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