General Overview

There are 5 slots that players can allocate armor to: Head Armor, Torso Armor, Arm Guards, Leg Guards and Foot Guards. Each piece of equipment has a level, weight, durability and multiplier assigned to it, apart from additional status effects that the equipment can apply. Armor is color coded by their rarity: Common, Uncommon, RareExotic, Divine and Ethereal. The rarer the item, the more beneficial status effects it will possess.

In order to make use of the special attributes of a piece of armor, you need to reach certain stat requirement (like 8 in Body - and 8 in Skill)
Equiping a piece of armor without having reached these stat requirements, also results in a reduction in the Defense value of the armor piece.

Heavier armor adds higher values of Toughness, which determines your resistance to guard breaks, and the amount of Ki damage you take.

Armor Sets


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    • Anonymous

      Light Armor: Skill, Body
      Medium Armor: Strength, Body
      Heavy Armor: Strength, Stamina

      Armor stat requirements don't exceed 18

      • Anonymous

        Tips 1: defence for armor and attack for weapons no depend on rarity (color).
        base defence for body armor = base_value + 2 * (level - 1)
        base defence for other armor = base_value + (level - 1)
        base attack for weapon = base_value + 3.5 * (level - 1) (round down)

        • Anonymous

          So, I have a question: where do you take these screenshots of armor? It looks like inventory but I have some mist effect slightly covering legs in mine.

          • Anonymous

            Well there is a glitch with refashion right now. Even though I have gotten the veterans armor:hizayoroi many time I can not refashion anything to look like it. I tried moving it to the store house, selling, dismantle, betting a mission wearing it, beating a mission with it in my inventory, offering it at the shrine, none of it works. Some people are having this issue with other sets, some people can pack the top for a set and not the bottom but others are in the reversed situation. Anyways you can farm it from the demon king revealed. After you open the first door fight all the dudes, run down the platform open the next door you should see a fiend and a spear guy, kill them then go to the back left you

            • Anonymous

              Veteran s armor can be farmed from the twilight mission bearer of I'll tidings. There is a revenant name something butcher in the start where the blue fiend,pink fiend and Raven are. He drops one piece each time you fight him, just use a himorogi branch to restart the mission and keep fighting him to you get all the pieces

              • Anonymous

                So, is there a way to forge sets like yamabushi, frontline, strategist, chunin, bowman or all you can do is just grind over and over the last mission on Ng+ oping for a miracle drop from a random enemy?

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