Ki is a Stat in Nioh. It is your Ki energy remaining. Attacks and evasions consume Ki, but it regenerates over time.

Ki Information

Managing Ki

  • Properly executing a recovery after performing a combo results in the rapid gain of expended Ki. This is known as a Ki Pulse and is a vital mechanic in successfully attacking foes in the game.
  • When a player has run out of Ki, they will be incapacitated and will stand in place huffing, until Ki begins to recover. This opens up a dangerous window of attack from foes. 
  • Ki is stunted while in the midst of the Yokai black smoke area of effect, so keeping distance from these zones is vital when facing off against these difficult Enemies.
  • Unless your stamina stat is high, heavy armor can easily deplete your Ki. If you want to manage your Ki, light or medium armor might be a better choice.
  • Agility determines how fast your Ki depletes. Agility A is the lowest amount of usage and allows for a lot of actions before running low on Ki, and agility D will quickly drain your Ki, making it hard to do repeated attacks or dodges.


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